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Full text of "St. Louis Argus, February 9, 1917"

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Official Organ of the Supreme Lodge Committee Knights of Pythias N. A., S. A., E. A. A. & A. 

ftt\t 0t Cmtis 2Urgns 




K. of P's COMING 



ins FROM 


Forty TkMUUt Visitor* To Be liar*. 

Mayor, OiirnUM'1 Bureau and 
Btttlnaaa Km Ftedf* Oitr'a ■up- 
port. Supreme Chancellor Highly 
Pleased With Work of Local Com 

OMlN at Doilgla** H»li. 

Bt Lotiii ni uraitd ike aeri >"»- 
veation of the Supreme I.odge Knigbls 
of r> I li in- of North ;i ail Son th America, 
Europe, Aiit. Africa aad Australia, 
aad of ill auxiliary I™Iihj. th* Supreme 
Court Order of Calanthe, and tha" Uni- 
form Bask, Wcdumdny afternoon when 
Supreme Chancellor 'M. W. Own of New 
Orleans. La., approved of the gnaran- 
t, >-, pat op by the loan! committee, mnd 
signed the formal agreement. The mi- 
veation* will meet her* five day* dar- 
ing next A"gw" hod will 'bring io Si 
Louis forty thouiniDil visitor*. 

Mr. Qreen wan accompanied to St. 
I liy sir Joe. 1 .. Jonea of I "iiic iu..*i i. 
O.. - . . | - r -■ i r. . - vice chancellor; Major Gen 
. an! i: K. Jackson of Chicago, III . ami 
Supreme Attorney S. A. T. Watkinn of 
that city. They fornttd IS* thflr*tn* 
lodge committee whoa* dnty it La to 
approve the arrangements and guarai 
tees foe tke biennial convention*. 1 
company wilh member* of tke loeal 

. committee, theee, gentlemen palled upon 
i lie Mayor of the city nod the secretary 
of the Bureau of Cunneotinn* aad 
aaturrd of tke full berthing of the city 1 * 
nterekaata and business men. So ear- 
dial was the welcome whieh they r* 
calved as. I «i Battering wrre the prom 
* i*e* -aad guarantee* made that there 
wa* ao heeiteaey in signing u 

' part of the supreme committee. 
What It Hauu to *. ] 

The {tarn-eme Lodge aad Ita aimliery 
bodies i* by far the largest roaelave of 
nee people who meet in America. Tke 
adherents of tke order number mora 
than one hundred and flfvy 
aad come from every settlor 
country *> well a* from beyond the 
-ra. Ten thousand men in uniform will 
be encamped witbia tke city aad their 
panjjae, .trills aad other maneuver* at- 
ini'A ut crowd* from every opactaa. 
Special train* will bo i i i Mt t nvrj 
day and tke city will he taied to its 
utmost capacity to' take care of the 

The local committee is working liht 
i— wet*. *ir*adjr t» hav«.*ve.r*t*«savi*. 
readiaaaa by neat August. A splendid 
spirit of kannony pervade* all their 
effort* aad things are beginaiag to'kum. 
tanationa of money are being receiTed 
from merchant* and - others who real- 
. iae what, aa- opportunity for enraiag 
- money neb a ruaventin* will bring to 
Bt Louis. 

r night at Douglas Hotel an 
elaborate banquet waa spread fee the 
visit**-*, and moee than a hundred 
Pythian* and Calanthe* were preen t 
aad partook thereof. Tke kigkent en 
tha*ia*Bi prevailed aad tha speaker* 
were luMily cheered whenever aay ref 
' create waa made to Ike coating eaavea- 

Mr W. H. Davie wa« toaVtaiaater. 
He*to>» tke gue*ts of honor, tke other 
speaker* were Attorney Geo. I- Vaughn. 
kin, Bertha T. Back***, Prof, rraak t 
Willi**** ■•»!. liughe*.. 

Vkila nil of tke aadaHa eataetaua- 
ment* hare aot. been deinitely decided 
npsa for la* eeaeemtioa period, it i» 
knows that «W Cge ia aiam will be. njed 
three nigWa. and that the Mard* Una 
Par**- will he worth going *uaay milee 
fn H Taere wi» we *Bawe.hiag- Treaty 
iUn< oa tke eamp granada every koar. 
' "TortuBaiety tke ramp groand* are Bear 
Tke hutakla traet, Caaaptaa and hfsrkat 
atpn ta. haa aaam m w r id fat that par- 
peae. aad wor.k will ba atdrted ttoaw 
' ahertlv te prepare it- for camp parpaaaa. 

trrumd Oaaaeelior aV. V. Uayd la ea, 
vtttrfi ekatraaaa of t&e beat eommithee. 
W W. knunwar i. itoliman. W f, . On- 
to rwe. naantnry. aad Ilea. la H Bat- 

E— !■ ^ M m ■ aim mi a I a n w m 
ftrjvOQJ IfCJCOmK 

AS nan i —lira to ska erty are m~ 
peeiailw graeted aad kearttty ll n ml 

"a* tto Cains M—artal »— day aabaal 
ktartr Wan day at K v m. 


Tke Lincoln Dowgbu* Ceteaeataaa 

Uooday evening nt I'ythua 11*11 \ 

"■■• to be the p iem d ee of nil ft 
.-SlortJi in tkU respeel. 

The program in graved w ilk .the hnt 
srator* and ike most learned 'mm 
St. I..H.I-. The part at ih- 
progrnm i* made up to include 
*lar» .of noBg and muxie. 

The gvarral. pablir la owdiaDy 

splendid pritgram 

. M_ Tufhert 


rVlertioa, 1'rof. Wa. 

Addrr** Ha 

! I>ir« of sir.-fT- and Hewer*} 

A-ldrvw ..Atty. ""■'■p I. Vaagki 

In.lruni.-i.tai nolo. Mu> lala He dge— ■ 

Addre» .Ham. John rVhmoil 

Addreaa I'n.l Frank L WilKam. 

I Prineipal «f Kumaer High aa nfaj B 

Addrea* > Mayor - Heary W. nil 

Seleelion . 

Addrr**.. Hob. William Herbert iBraaV 

Hala... Ur. Id* Ornmnm 

A.l.ire,. B i a k ap I. W. K.W 

Addren* Dr. Clam. ~ 

Italo (Tew. 

..HlBB-nT. Barria 

Douglas Memorial 
Celebration at 

St. James Church 

Tke Hundredth Meanatm) ABBiveesary 
hr the lata Vtgf State-man, t nan a h na a n 
r».oBla>*-jnll he held rhaadmy. IVWwrj 
IK. under tke BBBpteea of The Xegr 
depeadeat Voter*' League at St. J 
ert-hf-.' K ■■-horr., -ftwnlhtla **4 
r'erdiBBad Ainu. Handny. Febrwaev 1*. 
at I p ot. Wa. K Omwaw. ana, will to 
master at r eerm aaian. The ipeBbiia 
will iaehade Or A. V. Phial ham Attr. 

Oaa. U Taagha. J. V. JnVIMyra naid 

VB.B.DHB.' htnunew^tova^nwatod 
■br Ike etoir. km amwa Law ■ 

and f*. Ttoaaa* Henna -.11 to tto 


t'oioeed ii. ■ o engiawi 
bra h e rni a are haadnag; tto naiaek ew- 
ginas aad earn a* Weaaam-ewJaagkea ■ 
Wee) Pma t at t hi* aery. , 

Aeeordiag to in fni matin, atoaa VmV. 
I the while crew wewi aa a Mnke i*e 

Soatk. who tod name e. 
eaee ntamg thewr Mama, fn* ftnV 
tto railroad 
fMralati cani. the whiti 
toeh em the jnb, with inalmul aW 

Xn tii ig. mm aha g ja j haw m*n*d tto Ne- 
gra uauuiaanhl nraamd tto C*ty Hall aad 
■r ipal Baitdiag ia aaai year* aa 
the. K «rd ta have beem hunt 1 
day, wtoa iW a* a* tonmn ant 
Jwdjpe 'Ml. KhBumeL who |ninln 
Caanrt Bnaaa Xa. U at tto Xaai 
JbaiUiBc, tod acdaanl aad had eaduded 
" <am am waant' eaana all Sagiwe*. 

The am* aaam rearbed Wiltiai. 

■ tiam a. duef taeiahi. ■ he raatod 
•"■ • r ta tto emnrt vmnm aad . imwaired 
aa* tto' depmty aVetUt whnU < 

eedeily aad ttat J wd g e Kiname4 i.. 
aVeed all tto Xcgteew from tto 
Wtoa anBianaV aa to akaat to ■ 
to '•fimiiiitf." the Ir i a ty • 
that aa* h-ty cried aadl thai eghera 

faa tto '" jma-nnm " artknr audi it i 
duatoad that tto judge dialed be mcaat 
■iiihahnaiiin to emly did it t. 

Y: 1. C. A. lEffllR 


A memorial tervicr to the l»to Wm. 

Huhtou. the Sr*i Inieroalional Sec 

tetarr of the Young Uen'i Christ inu 

' in -among t'olbred men, "ill 

te held ai the Y. M. <\ A. room* on 

Saindny aftemewa at 4 o'clock. 

Mr HuatoB wa* born ia Chatham 

mnty 53 year* ago. He attended 
aehaol in Chat ham and in hi*. *chool 
amy* became a clerk 'a the Civil Serv- 
ice of the Canadian Government at Ot 
taaa. 1b Is** be waa called to U< i*f VVU Colored t --.■> sb 
tana at Norfolk, V*.. ttius becoming 

the Tir.i Y. \t IT. A. m-. irliry 
in tke world for Colored n«i nnd boyi. 
" "~ r two^ycan of nrrvice in thi* field 
wa called to the International Cum 
aaittee to br it" fir*( traveling >««•■ 

HuntouJ. outKtandin^ work wm 
to the college*. Hi* influence on the 
Og nd cnt life of our rare enn never he 
■Manured. Hi* wonderful power among 
the college itudeflt* u atteated by the 
•umber ef profenainna! nnd buaines* 
■..-. throoghoot the country who owe 
their in*pirnluin to rontart with Mr 
Ban lam. 

.'The ape* here at the iOtytaa will be; 
alia* May H. Belcher, the Kieeutivc 
aVrrelary ef the Wheat ley Hranrli V. 
W. V. A.; Dr. W. H. IVek, paator of 
«H. June* M 1. Church. Mr. T. "A. 
JlarahaU, wbowe life wa* intimately 
(curbed br Mr, Huntau..will preiide. 
link will be rendered by the String 
ttoartet, rompooed uf Dr. Geo. A 

"Jr. K I*. Stafford, Mr. Marry 
Hphillip* and Mr. Fred Blair. 


ear city recently and bun fitted up and 
opened tke moat cempleta tonaoriaJ 
parlor tknt? i* operated and eaten 
O enu rt i trade to be found in thia coun 

Mr, i.nTtni|-. who baa- had Sftona 
yean' earjerieace in the barber bmi 
aca* ia Mniir>hi». Tenn., date* that 
whew be made up hi* mind to come to 
""!■ Lowia. to enter buainana ha 
a careful nludy of the nt nation and 
i«f to 'a •'uhclu-iMk lha't hi* OWn MM 
wna ewritled to the beat *ervice that 

mam. With ih;. thought in migd^ to 
■^aght "u '"S'tible' l^aiioa^' " wkith he 
ia lading. Tke atand, for- 
upied by J. II. Kent, 10* S. 
-IraTeraoa. next door to Herrin Drug 
Slaee, ha* been trnnafaraied into anal. 
•e* \.f beaaly. EverylhiBg abtotately 
new. Kan aew ebatrn, with white e 

at] the Select improved 

Mteraliaad cBbiaMa are pre, 

nd tto **«*. , to^rtor, -her* toajs and 
•Ig, etr.. are kept la perfect "ant 
r eaw di ltea Nearly two baadrad 
I ef nairraf, aaaitary marKle 

Id, •'■aM no I 
, by carafal atady aad mleation, 
I ak*e t* gi»e my p e ople the beat 


Mlaaonrl School for Colored Favorite 
With Lawmakers. LaDcheoaa and 
Htutc Contribute to Their Pleaanre- 
Mlsa OvaratiMt Channs With 
Sweet Vote*. 

JcfTrTbon Citv, Mu,, fipocial:. 

January 31, 1UI7. 
good fellowship and united ef- 
furta therti muit bo progression. " TUc 
material prosperity uf Lincoln Institut..' 
.i..iii.! j. ■.- due, in a largo part, to thi) 
.sagacity of its dUtioguisbcd president, 
"*, Allen, who well know* tbs 
power uf good fellowship and eator- 
taiutucnt in establishing I right under- 
stmiding and in adjusting nil matters 
uf itnto. 

ember* of the Missouri Legis- 
lature nre nlwnys invited and urged 
i*it the ackool, and at every aea- 
thls body is cnter.tntned by a cap 
ita! concert in tlio Hall of Bapreaen- 
tire*. by. the students of Lincoln lu 
itutr. This concert is always a fen- 
turn in the entertainment of the leg 
islaturs, a* the achool haa established 
reputation for eieelirnce in music. 
1'iiring the saaaion of tbe legislature, 
■' Munday ehapal eervicea are well at- 
(ended by members of this body. No 
greater evidence of their interest in 
k ran be given than the fact 
that on tke Sunday following tha opeu- 
tug of the legialature a large delegation 
visited the chapel mti ires, srnl nnolher 
large group came the uett Sunday. On 
last Sunday a special song service waa 
far the lawmuker* of Missouri. 
One of the member*, who is a frequent 
isitor, was in the memorable march 
through Georgia. aad enjoy* the apirltad 
lartial and national airs no more than 
ho delights in this splendid memorial 
of tbe Union vietory. One of tke odii> 
est or* gave nn inspiring addrea* of ap- 

Tke interest of the legialatora ia not 
only aroused and maintained .through 
(he public services and inspection of 
the work, but also by -the luncheons 
and dinners given members 'iu the din 
inK room of tha **»- ;■ ■ ■ - ■ ; . Science De- 
partment. On Jnounry the tweaty-cUtb, 
member* of the Appropriation Commit- 
tee of the Houm were entertained at 
n live o'rloek liraeheon; on Monday, 
January 29; at one o'clock, i 
party uf liaitura wa* mUrta-i 
luncheon, and at aii o'clock of the 
same day dinner wn* 'nerved to the 
member* of the Appropriation Commit- 
tee of, the Sennte. Tke oreheatra and 
Mi.* Overtired, teacher of vocal mi 
■ie, i-iiti-riaini'.f the gaeaU. Mis* Over 
■treat haa a voice of rare melody and 
■weeaneBs, Her rendition of tho solo, 
"Wtoa tto Heart 1, Youn P ," by Back 
"i charmed her audience that -he waa 
reenlled again and again. Mi-. Ovar- 
streat sang: "A Perfaet l>ay," by 
Bond; " Home where a Voice 1* Calling, " 
by Tate, aad "Swaae* River," reves 
ag In each her comprehensive grasp 
of tke sense of aoag. 

The good understanding produced la 
leae way* win* tha hearty rapport of 
ir legislator" fto tto f u r th erance ef 
ie work. 




Oreataat Photo Play of tto Tear will 
Ba ■town u wh na tte r Branch T. 
V. C. A Monday Might, Shovrad 
rtve Waaka at Mew (hand Central 

tin Lineola* Birthday. February tft 
■a tove the rare opportunity nf dov- 
ig for the ..-■.«■! time ia •*, t^ui* tto 
'Criaj." by Wjane.aa.iTharr.bill. Th;.. 
fetnre i* of *p«-lal eduratinaal valtt* 
n_it wa* weiltoB af trs-a,-«wf ;>i atmdy 
f the character aad dovelupmeat of 
IT MWtT*f m ^ n *rr"h*i i ' duriag" the Ci tftl 
tnr Cri.i. It (* !n*'i.n!v h,.mri. 
o*«l af >tt l*,»i. aad written fay 
t*t. Ijmiaan 

is. no (li»il.-( : una of the greate*! 
ptotordar* nf the v*a» Ii . >n ^ " 
for *vo wwa. ti Si. Lbhw recently nt 
.tto New OtoBd Central Ttoalvr to 
rn-wded koaanw, 

Ta to atown Bt Wseatley Braarh X. 
r. ft A, Mewdary evening,. Pes*. VS. 
t tan. Adsniastoa t* eewta. 

> Argna aad get re- 

Mail Collector 1 1 

Held on Theft Cbar«« 

State Committee (rather* Proof of 11 
legal Arrests and Intimidation of 
Negroea at Polla Imat Blactlon. 
Mayoralty Campaign Grown Hot. 
Republican Fighting. For Clean 
Election In City Contest, 
1 " 

Tho iiLuyoraTty campaign, is liegia- 
ning to get warm. Fire randidates; 
three rtrpulilicao* nnd two Democrats, 
hove already filed nnd the different 
factions in both parties have en- 
trenched fur the .^rand primary drive 
on Friday. March !'. 

. The llcpublii-nus are ' taking every 
precaution' again* | * repetition of the 
gigantic fraud prnetirrd by the Demo- 
crat! in the national and M-v.v election 

last Novrnilicr and are determined not 
to be caught nnppiug in the city elee- i 
tion in April. Hundreds of afiidavitt 
are bein|i gathered by the slath com- 
mittee which show that Negroes were 
unlaw fully artcalrd, inlimidnted and 
frightened from the pulls, nnd criminal 
pfaaaantjatai are likely to follow. 

The folowing sre some of the affi- 
davit* of voter* in precinct* where 
many arrest* were made. Others will 
follow in SMtisouufiii .issues of. Ihe. 

November 7, »1fl. 


Col. William- V.uiiitr, 

of Police. ' ) 


Abemt PM o'clock tbia s. m . Offlcer* 
Meinr and Mrlkn arraated at tke poll- 
ing plnr* of Ward 17, Precinct A. lo- 
cated at No. 273H Market street, Wil- - 
lisin ,rack*un. Colored, ngrd 44, mnrried. 
a laborer, residing at !70£ Market 
street, aad Frank Hunter, Colored, nge 
"•i. married, a collector, residing at No. 
S745A Walnut street, on complaint of 
Democratic- Challenger Jamee M-Mmn. 
residing at N'... .'." i: Kugcaia atraet, 
who claims that Jackson waa convicted 
of petit lareany. and senteuead to to 
dnys in tbe Work Hou*e May 29, IP13, - 
and claims that Frank Hunter wa* con- 
vieted of petit larceny and flned •SS,l>9 
rVbrnar* ^ Wa* - 

Tbe men voted and were brought t* 
this atation and held pendiag further 

(Signed) .1.111.1. .r-.l.i. .-..:. 

Cnpt. Cnsgd'g. Oiioiriet, 
Pat'n. Otto A. Melha. 
Prov. Pat'n, Philip Mi-inr. 
State of Misaouri.) 

* )aa. 
Cily of Ht. Lou.ii.) 

6 E. William*, of 2»T» Walatit atraat. 
nn hi* oath statea he presented himself 
at pollima; place of the 17th Ward.nth 
preeiaet polling place at 37*.* Market 

MeUahae. Demwrat. 'Ctoliewger. who* 
challenged him nn the ground that he 
wua a petit thief. I wna' given n tiallot 
and voted It. I saw that the Judge* 
Dtp] ballot in l»u T have never been 
convicted of aay offense ia my Ufa. 
After I had voted I wa* arrested by aa 
nArer it the instance of the rbalirapef.. 
and to the station, where I wu 
relrsard on hondr There were four or 
Ave Colored men ia line rVhind me, and 
whea they *aw the arre*t being mad* 
they got out nf line and sreat aeray. 
I'vcdedabool K o'clock a.m. 

(Signed) C. E. Wll^sm*. 
S-.l.i.. r-.l»-.t and sworn tu before ma 
this 13th day of November 1914 
fSignedt V. A. tbw*hepf, 
Votary- Pnblie 
State ot Missouri,) 

City af St. Leas*.) 

J aaa i e It™**, 813 X. 'JenTeraea ave- 
Bfle-, M y.-srs nf age,, beiag daly aworn 
oa hss> kiith depose * and aay* that he 1* 
■ tawfally qaalited voter of tto 17th 
Ward, ,trd Precinct. That on election ' 
day.' Tneodav. ToV 7, iaii.'aa weait" 
la tto ps41t*c pfavc* laaaaad at-aHS ' 
Waanington a*u»*v ta vols. Upaa *n 
trying tto- pojlmg rJmra ta. rata, tto 
naaaa eia l ic dertt. W. T. Mcfflsw*-, (*v* 
him a ballot which to voted sad turned 
■a to the Jodffa. Th« fcadtet was ton 
hered nnd as fsr aa to haaws, waa 
votad. , ' — 7- 

AftaVkaviag voted, tae^ahov* snea- 
tieaed- - Democratic ,^1arh raqnaated 
Brows to stand to on* aide aad ttoa ra- 
auewtad the police eancer in the nolBng- 
plas a to place htm under street, which 
waa dans* by the ahtevr. 

If row*, atata* to waa aevee eoavictad 
of aay crime of /uk/ kkad artotaaawsc. 
rWgaaaf) Jeane Bewwa. 

Swhacritod and sworn to before me' 
this 1W» day of Xnvember. !•»!« 
'Signed) H. n Beedle, 
Seal, , Sararv Pahlie. . 

fJtate atf 

Clty of St. Ijsaaa) 
*, "™ 

aid* aa 0*BA Laeaa avaama. Ctty of 
K'Usma, Mat* ef M ia as art ; that I as 
d naamr ml tto 
Id Praeiaci af tto 17th Ward: that I 



-.■-". . ._. 


« ♦♦♦ «» « » » 

As It Grows Older It Grows Better 


MM V. A. dr-aWi —*f tl aafe r.k.r. aaaa. maaaj ta all ■. 

Ba*M> ml whuduml, hwi IM vl •( kiir |n*iH u >*>»a. Ilrmri'i LU«i 
1 111 4r— ham aWafanaSaa aaS taH'umlM. Ta* dviwu iiratM ia il,a nq baa*. 
TWwui tr.iif r f.r.r.hi, u. m wiu. Tb. h*ir*™wr inaiiiwtfy Jwn lu «h 
It .lop. lb. ttair fro<n iMH at £■* »•'! faJlla* oak haalina (or ill •tale 1mm 
I! i. ur^i—l lifwul. laallaaalluuor Ili.wuiurr; av a*4 oaalaa euuaaa. Mplaaaaa 

wanlad. Cxaplausa 

A Hair Grower That Won For itself 
Over 4,000 New Patrons Last Year 

For details writ* "fORO" COUJD01 CO., 
31M Pine St.. D«p't. At, St. L*uM. Mo. 

A. L. Beal 


alias Birdie B*«l,. licensed cmbslmer 
fur ladies. Livery carriage* furniihed 
for all oeeasiona. Open day and mmht. 
2726 Lieu At.. St. Law, Mo. 

M. C. WHITLOR ™^W.S *£ 

Moving Vim, Packing and Shipping 





Jelltrnin and LawtOO 

In&CiAara and Soft Dnnlu a Spacialry 

Ladiaa' and Ganta' Shaai-A Parlor 

I. H. WOOD. Prop. 


iff Alts rot 



111 NORTH 121- STREET 

CaPtTRAL Mf 1-1 

J. W. Hughes 

Cadartakar aid — haliaar. Carriafaa 
uratohad far all iwrtMi 
atra. J. W. Eagiei Baaaaaa aaa»al» 
. Phaaao, Boaaaal, MM: Caatra) M16V 
Matt Lawtoo At*. at Lwato, Ho. 

Louis Mencken 


Your Printing 


J. T. Manier 

Blacksmith.! rig, General Repair- 
ing, Horseshoeing a Specialty 
Prices Reasonable. 

2102 Pine Street 


I wtoa U aaaauata that I aa«* b-a» 
ap poll tad a r i p rataatatJTa (a* Dr. T. 
Bay aa '■ latlet and baaaebold 
good*, whisk I will diipsaa of in eon 

aeeiioo with ar hair-arwing wort I 
> luidaawr u> lira. Nasi who dUd laai 
ill. All orders pruaiyllT flllad. 

Mil. U. Hrsafbrd 
■111 Pine 6l„ Boa MMR. 

the r 4Ua PAHTAToarm-i 

It whart special alteatioa ia girea 
to eleaaiag, praaaing, dyaing aad re- 
pairing. All work atatly' and ar.- nti 
■eally executed os ikort aotiee. T. A. 
Owens, bit ,v Jaftnoa Ave. Fboaa, 
tat *■:. 

Lady Ag eats Wanted 

at anee on salary or commission 
to handle the fastest line on the 
market. See .-„ 
GEO . W._YODng;G«i'I Agt. 

1303 MarkM St. St La-ei*. Mo 


Wind Boose," a aaw boot (Herj 
of tba world 'a grealeat piaaiat. Maa 

drada of aopioa told daily. To katw tk* 

iitto ia ta bay loa book. Cloll haaae) 

1 1 Jti sloroeeo, S3LS0. 

Mn. JaaapaiM Bewell, 100 & 

Cwtag at. . OaawtaJ AgaM tor at 

Lowto. <«-U) 

H Qreeae, Daaaagar aad mm 
Of the Carolina Express aad MoTtag 
Oaanpaay, at S1A N. Chaaatag, to con 
tisuiar, to girt tha knar aarrtea ragard- 
laaa .if hard tinea. Ha a a* addrd t 
>«w aMTlag Tan to hia boaiaeaa and 
aallaiu pataoaagaL For aaaJ, lea. light 

■a, g a aa r ol toaaMag ar awntrng. 

•, oaaaa, Baaaoat SaU, Oantra} 
mHlT; re«ld*B«* BoaaOBt S1HW, or eall 
at 111 N. flhaaalag aad got gaiak aarT' 

aageaa ha Ladla, and Men* Apparfl 


MW MAJUHTT IT. -2 1 00 
Thay win alao loan you moaay to boy 
your wiatn tlothaa, 

by Jaaa. •«- 

raaaoa, Sod taa caafti ia 
booklet Afaaa Trath Abowl t*" 
k U.K Seaadogy of the Bible 
t Why toM Wu B Maw awd N« 
aaaaav C« By Sidney C Tawo 
■afftoww »Mf .. Kmooa -Or*. V - 

Try Mi s. Comora Dooley s 
Superba Hair Grower 

Ko trgdjgg Seat C 0. D. Ago*. 

Pkaaw. a**»at hfS-l «: L«aa. 1 



Packing, Shipping and Storage. Ugh t and Heavy Hauling and 
Second-Hand Good* 2906 LACLEDE AVE 

X+ + + + + + + + ++ + + + + + + + + + + + + + -C-X 

£ Full Dress Suits For Rent. t 


«|> Secood-Hand Over CooU. A 


+ Oltvo 4649 ^ 

4, 711 North Sixth Street . Second Floor + 

;-+ + + + + + + + + + + ++ + + + + + + + + + + + k 

Kiabcn: Cawtral «f» 

Rob't. P. Fritschle 


Diaiaadi, Watctoaa jha. 



We Test Your Eye* 


And Sell Bye Olasse 

and Spectacles on Tim* 

Dr. Wm. M. Riley 

it 1648 


DRAKE * BALL. Mgr.. 



Notary Public 

2335 Market St. aad aaliwihUi 
may obtain appUaatoaa aai 
lieana* fraea Attoraay Oao. L, 
Kotary PubUe, lit* Mart 
Phoaea, Btaaawt lffdi, Ooarod 

Tea can ■ always daposdl 1 





^__.l*ba«*rY Otr anl TUlaga 
wuadarfuj i*va*raiHan. Can be ja-d- with or wita- 
aat atraightoawag trona 

Raiatoi Jaf Ha p** aatav—«>ba haw will proi* da 
*».:*■ Aay »-*aon that wiU <wa> » JSr W> wifl in 
«aort**rni H*> BMtt»r ahai ha* ii)!«t to grow 
yow ka« nat grt* 'THE STAR HAIR Ci ROWER S 
truU awd a* mrarad Sfwd IS* f-T fall afM hod- 
tf yoa *-h t. ha aa tag*** aead »Uw> aad ww will 
•aad T •* aMaaaydr jhswy aw «.Wr* -art with 
at aaaaa. also Bgaaaa aaraaa. Sawd all B*n» ry ay 

TMR STAJ1 HAiS (UhOWgR hwrg. CX. 


Whatever you do. 

^ don't got BALD! 

Prewent dandruff aad falling hair by using the great 
French preparation 


This original Eau de Quinine is the one effective tonic 
for itching scalp, sick hair and dandruff. Used by men 
and women of refinement the world over for 100 yean. 
Don't risk the use of unknown or inferior tonics. ED. 
PINAUD'S is pure, delightfully perfumed aad the one 
for yam. Ask your drugsnsL Sena 1 Oc . to our Americas 
Offices for a testing 

ED. PIN AUD, Dept. M 

Standard Life Insurance Co. 


Capital Fully Paid $100,000.00 

' The anry Old line U«r.l Bawnrtsj I jfn Irwwrance Company 
owned and operated entirely by Colored People. Not 
Fraternal, nor Assessment, nor Industrial. Insurance in 
force over 12,000,000. 

Ball PW*. BoaxMt 2il 


basses a ouTrrmut aaa st'LC auskt ! 
in Missisairrt vallrt roa 


Th* L Erdle Bakery & 


Uwt n Ave, Pressing 

— — %XLUB -«s~ 

J. SAMS. PVapria ts a 

Cosh's Sails Ooaawd * rftastd SIM 

Cliaaiag, Dyving aad 
Lao*** and Gaaaw* 1 

Branch Offices In Missouri 

T A Dhefcsan, Special R^JREnswEEEtll 
23«3 Market St., St. La-is C. H. re.n.,, Aga-Ky Dbwctsr 

1B16E. 18th St.. Kansas City. Sdswsrt k S-aath. Agaaey ttrretor. 


lee and Wood, - CoeJ Bz the Basltet or Too. 

Ash Hauling and Express 


sseg Lawtaa Aow. 

Vital Importance 
To The Ladies 

•traagh' haw, n-Vwa* jar of ZywaV 
Haw Ccaan aad Straigwi^«rt Prw. 
a* rtwta. **W4 1 1 raaid- a b aoi ianaw. Ro- 
gsMr tgwats a-so'tod ZyW Towat 
Pr«aw„. C«. * atowth E«Mg Awa 
Is Laato. Ma. 

Eja.Caa.MU-R • A Jachaoo * So 


Bwawaaa Fwaadtad rar AaV Khwl saa 

Iffdfl Laaas A*o. - Si Lotas . sf 

Beautaful Bust and ggggnjgggoj 


wai fci . ua Saa> -/ lL a a . a X "Vaa»a a 



cape mmumut, mo. 

:v. Hedge rs, 'if I>..i Moines, Iowa, 
ijt the Capo a few day* lul tick 
working ia tin' latere*! of Western 
[a, of union k> li t Held agent. 
I« gave ■ lecture Thursday to the 
algaei grade* at Lincoln t-khoel 
"The Keault of Higher Thing*,'* 
Hi , L. W. Hmith 1* bow able to be 
Up againi . :.: ilfi-. Patterson', -Wltf t jr.- 
I«t.-iy located hi* Ofittb here, addressed 
<^«»>« *r%. a *4r M>d . Jj ty liit, C frrMcb 
Hunda>. . . ,Tho Hun day' 'service* aV the 
A. M. E. Church were conducted as 
usual The stewardess board will give 
mi entertainment, February 11, "A 
Trip Around the World". .".Mies H. M. 
White, teacher in Htc. (irnevieve, ripcnt 
the week end here with friend*. 
Kev. Win. Brew iter reorganized, 
-Sunday school of the Pleasant Green 
Baptist Church Sunday, in the. Union 
Aid Bail Building. Tat* ekureh, whose 
members have all moved into town from 
out on the Bend Itoad about sli mile* 
north of the Cape, nape* to resume 
their ebureh ■■ Flic** in the old L'niun 
Aid Hall Building on Fountain Street, 
with Kev. J. H. Henderson an pastor. 
. . . .The Civic League and Bsnljanai 
Men'* Club (rill offer- * program In 
connection with "The Trip Arouotttne 
World," on the IHh. , . .lit*. Geneva 
Jordan, of Hi. Louis, in now 


Br J. K. Jones '~ 

MraBachel Yoiinn;, after a pleasant 
>"!!. has returned to Birmingham, Ala 
. ...W* are pinned to know that Mr. 
A. C. Carter haa opened up a new res- 
taurant. We wink him much sucee**. 
..-.vatlM C.-W. Woodson if visiting in 
t amble.... Mr*. P. T. Buford. after a 
pleasant "Trip returned to Buford. 


By Loyd Klngcade 

Rev: Bom* went visiting Mondai 

and haa not returned.. lira. Busby 

and her two small son* went to Haune. 

Sunday Heray T. Busby, after a 

week'* illiii'n. i* able to- be back at 

school Those on the sick bat are 

Xfra. Mate Duller, Mr*. P. Moors, air. 
Ramser .and Clarence Butler. 


Br E E. William* 

Mr*. Joaejphuc Knight baa returned 

to Chicago Mr. Button Searcy U 

upending a few day* with hi* parents. 
Rev. and Mra. Saarey Mrs. Court- 
ney Lewi* li on .the tick lift A 

pleasant surprise waa given on Mra. 
Hearey Monday evening. ., .Mr*. Peter 
Grihta haa returned from ■ pleasant 
visit with bar eon In St. Leafs. . . .Mrs. 

Leon* Ward ta able to be out again, 

Mr, Ed. Mnun. of ttnitimau, III, 

was the guest at* lira. Mary Stewart. 
Wednesday..,. .Mr. Charloa and Jose, 
phino .Monk:,, of Greenville, Mi", 
■pent a wepk with their aunt, Mr*. 

M:\i.i Stewart Mr.- Btewar1 *pont 

.-..[i4»v in East m l.i,u! . with her ■il- 
ea*. Mr*. Etleu Willi*. * 

■ «r»».ft P Jae*smr 
, n„.*,„.,,|,., j ta , r ,| „f ,i,„ ., \[_ 
1.. Church tins highly - rertertnined le*t 
Tuesday bight by Umlsm" Jim [* 
Lattion at their home on i'..plar St. 
delightful two-course inenn waa nerved 
arid a pleasant evening spent by all. 
Mrs. Ben Hpcnrer, PresidcBt; Mr*. 0. 

O Km i til, Secretary Mr. Walter 

.i«iiitiiM.ii is confined to his homo on 
Parthenla Street, .wilh the smallpox... 
Mr. and Mr*. L. J. Kodgers; on Jef- 
feriwn Avenue, are rejoicing over a 
Bur* baby boy, bora Sunday night 
Mra. Chn*. Bui liner is indisposed at her 

home on Pine Htreel Mr. V 

Lerdia saveroly hurt his band while 

working for Mongol <fc Co Rev. ani 

Mrs. Pari* were the dinner guest* o 
Mr*. Howard Cteiuon*, at her home oi 
Grand Avenue, last W<Mlni-sday. i . . . . 
lira. Hattie Moore ha* moved fron 

l'rutkenia, Streot, to Mary Btroet 

Rev. Phillip* ha* recovered from thi 
smallpox and i* able to be out again. . 
BetT.Wauoa shot and killed initantly 
Bart ' ivintrr ni Fifth Mania Av< 
Pointer accoaed Wntton of ruining his 

home Mr. Walter Heray, on itary 

Street, is seriously ill.... Bar. F " 
"ant I* indisposed at hi* home on Neat 
Street .... Mrs. M . H. Wyait it a 
subscriber for the Argu*. 


By Hi*. Leo!* Laird 

>i:tj nii< nt icrvice uf Bluehnel! 
('bapal" wax postponed from la*t Sun 
dny,"on account of the wcalkcr, to the 
first Sunday in March. Bev. S. D. 
Davis, Rev. Dodsou, of Ht. Unit, and 
bar. J. L. Brooks, uf Webster, wer.r 

he distingniahor) visitors. Rev. C 

'. Collins, after apleasaut three WMfca' 
isit to relative* iu Tupelo, Guntoan 
ml Corinth, Mi**., ha* retmsarKhome. 

...Mra. Andre* Evatu, Mra. P. R, 

Rogers, Mrs. Prank Mlone and Mr. Al- 
len Brown are on the siek Bat 

e« (ienevieve and Wills Pieraon had 
aa their gaests to dinner last Sunday, 
Werenie Steward, Mr. Jam«i 
Wright, Mr Harry and Bobert BraeOy, 

at St. Unit Mr. Benton Elli*. of 

Daytoa, and Mis* Addie Hicks, of 

■vlllc. Kt., were rjuirtly nnited in 
wedtoek. February t, and l-f t far Chi- 
eago. Ill,, to spend 'their honeymoon. 

..Mr. Anbsaia Carter sad Mr. E. 

[.■"die Taylor, of St. IxMii*,.enMrt*ined 

sree number of their friend* at the 

.■t, ■-:■■■' of Mr. Jmarpfa Carter. A three' 

■■:iiv menu waa served by th> 
Mr*. Antunia Cartnr, and a 

evening was apem by all Mi**oi 

Julia .and Louie Uilford entertained 
last Thursday: b venlng at the residence 
of Mrs. CornuUl Bowman, the 
Choir in honor of Mr. Lee Bimi 
together with bis wlfe c . will depart for 
Cuba, Mo., 00 the 7th, to mako it their 
future home Rev. John Allan, for- 
merly of Webster, now residing 
ciharoo. Ph., report* ■ sucebsafnl year work. Uesent for one year's 
riubWription to the Argus. Don't fail 
to subscribe for the Argus and keen 
,U(j-W»,-Uh.,tho, doipgj^of. .juur. 'acj. /_ 

■T. ClrilhV Mb. " 

... - . ■,:..-■» .^ii*-r--^. HP ,., < • <t ,. 
By Paxhlolee Murray 

. Miss It rave* was in St. Lout* Satur- 
day and Sunday Mrs. Jacaaun re- 
turned home Saturday, alter a two 
weeha' visit in Carondelot. We were 
very rorry to 1 learn that Mr. Jackson 
lost hi* horse... .Mr. W. T. Coleman 
and Mr. Ik Clark, of Union, Mo., 
hero 0t( business Saturday 

('has. Murray U on the aieh li*L 


By Mlaa Dayae P. Baker 

Mr. Davo Statett, of Co Small, nn-hon* 
or«d citizen and a progressive farmer, 
departed thin life Sunday, after hav- 
ing suffered intensely from |meuininii». 
Hi* daughters. Mr*. Marie I.Tims and 
Mis* I-orcnc Statrn, arrived there quite 
a few day* before the demise, and 
were thus able to assist in* adminis- 
tering to hi* need*.... Mr. Jim Cayca 
is now able to bo around bisrfnoin, . .. 
Mrs. Cecilia Cuningham ha* as hoi 
[uests her daughter, Mia* Irene, of Chi- 
cago, and son, Mr. J. B. CunainRbam, 

of St. I^ui* White tonniiny last 

Thurnday, Mr. Kill* Taylor froso two 
"fingers..., Mrs. Virginia Pugb, Mjsmii 
liola and IJturlae Boddie, Minnie 1' bur- 
ton, Master Inman Evenn and .Wra. 

Baker are among the 111 Mrs. Geo, 

Meyers, of Cryatal City, is the guest 

of her daughter, Miss Cora Meyers 

.Saturday was "peach cobbler" day 
with the domestic science elas*. On 
Washington'* birthday it wlill be 
"cherry pie" day... Mr*. Moses Hunt 
sprained her ankle, which haa caused 

b-r a deal of pain Lincoln Day will 

be observed at the M. K. Church . . 
Mrs. Annie Bridge*, ha* about H 


r*. rda Hoan. of Detroit, Mich., 1* 
here with her trick sister, Mr*. Mary Ed- 

ard* Mr. aJ&N Dryden and »on 

isited relative* 'ind friend* in 
)In County lw*t A---!k. . . -Mi** C.Jobn- 
m visited her parent* in Moberly. 

[A., last week Alfonso Dryden, eld- 

it son of Mr. Alton Dryden, cut a 
pvere place in hi* head, while rhop- 
l>in K wood.... Mr. William Kemp left 
Friday morning,' for Jefferson City, to 

ittenil Lincoln Institute Tbp Old 

-Soldier* celebrated Abraham Lincoln'* 

: - ■-■■» ■ .'. ... .;v 

birthday Sunday afternoon nt tbo A 
M. E. Church. ...There wore no *erv 
ice* m any of the cirurche*, last Sun 
day night an account of tbo inclement 
.weather. . . .The citizen*' Pornm la dis- 
cussing quite a few lively topic* and 

fa weU attended The Junior choir 

will give a. valentine party at the A. 
M. K. Church. 



A rrlrthday eelebratioii of Abraham 
Lincoln in moving pictures at 81. James 
A. M. E. Church (cor. Pendleton and 
St. Ferdinand) Monday, Feb. IS, at 8:30 
p. m. General admission, 10 cent*! Bev 
W.'H: p«eS, J*ajrtor.' "" ' V*" 

■hoe*. i(.,t for wear, prise, stria,' 
•quality la th* market ' Z 

Secure a niSe. warm, furniahed room 
for the winter. CODJttlt the Advartla. 
lag columaa ia the Argu*. 


White people whu have bought niorp 
than one tbauaand lota in old Kinlota 
Pnrk have bewn paying the same prices 
on the same term* as the Colored poo- 
ply who have bought in South Klnlocb 
Pnrk. If there i* any difference, the 
Colored people have been getting the 
best of It, because South Klnlocb Park 
ia nearer the eiry and haa better street 
ear act-rice. 

Tbo good Colored people of South 
Kinloeh Park' have built themselv 
little- city of which they. have a right 
to be proud. 

More than a hundred homes, three 
ahurehes, and a splendid' public school 
have been Bbilt in the last few years. 

And now we have *ometbing new 
that 1* going io mean a bigger and bet 
ter South Kinloeh Park. 

We have beeir able to induce a num- 
ber .of white people of good alandlng 
to come in with us and co-operate will 
na — to help with their money, their In 
fluenee and their good will to mnka 
South Kinloeh Park a bigger and bet 
ter place for the self .respecting Ksrto 
to live and make hi* home. 

We have given these people a Mb 
•hare of our profits in order to get 
their help, because we believe it is for 
the benefit of everybody concerned. 

We have always been ready to ctvit 
!■■!■■■.! to the ehnrehca at a nominal price 
— bec*o*e we believed thev would help 
Booth Kinloeh Pnrk. 

We have always been rendy to give 
tond to school* and public institution* 
at a nominal price — becauae we believed 
they would help South Xintneh Pnrk. 

And now we are giving land to a cer- 
tain number of white people of good 
standing at a nominal price because 
we believe their money, their influene? 
and their good wjll are gbing to help 
South Kinloeh Park. 

If you have any friend* who have 
been thinking of buying, urge them'to 
come out now, beeanae there are bigger 
better things' In *tore for Boiitb 
Kinloeh Pari. 





Guarantied to producs a healthy luxuriant hrowth 

of the most d.-U. in, ... haic 



Mr*, Victoria Clay-Halmy 

, 208 N. Jefferson Aye. St. I ..mi*. Mo. 


CHAS. 0. WATSON, Prop. 

The Big Cut Rate DRUGGIST. .-' Everybody V, 

Now Located at COMPTON and LACLEDE AVE. 

! HUMAN ^a^^ FREE 

EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER Eketrie ■-,■-■, - 

Good Family D.shcs. 
Cora meal. If well cooked, mahM 
one of the most nutrltloua and 
mlcal of breakfaat dlahoa nn<! If aerved 
with a good baked apple It la a break- 
fast Btjfflclently nutrltloua for a grow- 
ing child. When cooking' corn 

It with cold water to the 
tency of pouring, then poor Into a ket- 
tle of boiling aalted water, enough to 
rook at leaat three hour* at the slm- 
nertng point See that the meat rap- 
Idly bcdla, then ,,., back to' el turner. 
When cooked with plenty at water 
each grnln of corn meal will stand oat 
by Itself last a* doe* rice when well 
cooked. A Breleaa cooker 1* an Ideal 
place for this kind of cooking, yet tbw 
evaporation of water hi limited so that 

The cooking and aswdag llama* *> 
Ranaekor Erasing Behool, Loan* 
Kwing Ave* , i,(f* r rrpUadid ngfi !■■! 
ties to woaaea and yoang gitie wtikaag 
iastraetlocui ta than* braashaa. Th* 
school Is ope* every hfoaday, Weeaaan- 
day and Priday 'rn*> 7 to t p. ss. 
Kverytkiag ia frw 

ha. 1 "■. 

i n. uni ajuws 

lip &t Coiiifl Arquss 



i. K MlffefiELL Hiuikif li 

HKKHKRT T MRADOWB Cits -Editor .mi Advertising "an. 


Adflresia all Communication to 


.■#MW,»w*irw» VHi . 

Advertiaiot; Hates » : ur»i*hed < 

1. art 3 KSS I Wr*. 


nwtrrfll So»rv Balklias 

' The incident which happened in one <»f TOT city courts, a few days 
ago had a ureal aignitii'aiice. as far as the Colored people are eon- 
eerued The act of one of the ("it-rutt .lodge* in excluding Negroe*. 
from his eoiirt room during a public Hearing, was inexcusable and 
earn only he amounted -for by .the fact that the .Judge, waa actuated 
b.V prejudice. 

Admitting that some of the Negroes were disorderly, or were 
moved hysom.K-.Bnd wept ; just ire, a» seen by this judge, deoreed that 
. all the Negroes in-Jils^s^r/Tjwiii should- be punished on account of 
the act* ..f a few. We, wonder if the .Judge -alls that justice, we 
atrmter if* thai is the. end of his judicial conception of justice, or was 
he dwurjVd by prejudice, hi cither ease it is dangerous. 

A Judge, who is to administer the law. one who ia put by the peo- 
ple into high and exalte*! position*, should lw> a man above doing 
"little thiniM," lie should forget petty prejudiee. "Biit'Can the 
I^r.pard Change Hi* 'Spots**' . 

It will be remembered that only a few yearn ago thin same Judge, 
when he presided over one of the city's police courts, allowed hia 
prejudiee to show itself to the humiliation of the N'egro. It was 
Judge Carl Kimmel who ordered "Jim-crow" sign* put up in his 
court room at that time. It will also be rememttered that UcB^fleo. 
P. Weinbrenner was City Marshall at that time, and it was "lie who 
refused to allow the Segrocs to Ite humiliated by the Judge's order. 
The character of the two men has shown itself. They l>oth have 
. been ■elected to higher offices. Mr. Weinbrenuer is lire same big 
hearted, fair-minded official, while Judge Kimmel in the Name prej- 
udiced official he was years ago. Elevation should broaden a man, 
ltat"**t^riat>exn^rdf%anf^his^«rt»f'' - - 

All fair minded people 'of St. Louis will condemn the actions of 
the Judge, because it is-his duty as such, to see that only the guilty 
is punished. Right and Justice Knows No Color. 

We still hope there is enough sense of right and justiee in Judge 
Kiinmer to enahlo him to see the error of his ways and change them, 
that he too, may be one of the wise exponents of good city govern- 

ing blessed by tlio influence of tall 
good woman. Thou who braved the 
terriaa stortn of wind and snow wen 
fully ispaid by the forceful sermon at 
Dr. Peck. This great sad good man 
baa gives to the Bndeavorsri a little 
'book entitled, "Vsde Hcctun," whioh 
i* indispensable to Endeavor wo rsen 
and a very valuable aaaet to every 
Catistian. Dr. Peck is n blessing, not 
only to St. .Tain'ri and tali Immediate 

conuuMnity, but to tne entire A. M. E. 
connection. Miy he. be spared many, 
many yean and continue in the good 
work of J '.lifting ai he climbs." 

Csurtaay St. Units Tiroes 

All the rYeneh soldiers are not in the front line trenebes, and in the 
many duties back of the lines women and soldiers who hare been 
wounded and are convalescing art used. 

Here is a woman war worker and a wounded Negro soldier, carry- 
ing an ammunition box in a Paris munition .far lory. All races are 
accepted on the same social plane in Prance. 

Fraud Affidavits 

(Continued from page 1) 


" Never let go unnoticed an expression in favor of the race. Write 
a letter of thanks to the President, the Senator, the Congressman ot- 
to any ertbten ftir any kind of expression in our behalf. Whenever 
-an smfriessH> etpmawm. Ja -madA . <y rite the offender your protest. 
lart it be known that we pre nqt asleep when our rights are protected' 
nor when assailed. "- Fraternal Monitor. 

We are in receipt of several inquiries from some of the thoughtful 
. members of our race with regard to the fourteen year old girl who de- 
fied a mob in defense of a Negro in a ^cath Carolina town. They have 
expressed their intention of writing ihe young- Miss a letter, com- 
mending her bravery. This is right and should be encouraged. 

We realitt that most of m are inclined to let the other fellow do 
it. That is not the safe position to take. Should you see it in print, 
elip it out and mail to the person should you know their address, or 
send them the paper ; you may be the first one to do so. The Argus 
■ri.ll be pleased to furnish any information concerning any individual 
. whose name appears tn public. 

Whether their words are for or against us, you bsve the right to an 
expression' of approval, or disapproval. 

frof Phillip H"«M»« Murray, wsaae 
nsest death, cass-d «<■ »» ■■ nsaurn 
ing is 8*. Loaia, «*• is any ways a 

If he »m sf ssy Snare tyae.. Si it 

nosny frssa tto charlatanries sad placed 
them asbsag the arianees. 

Mr an of anperlae desksersey ssd 

eoagbt sat saen by classes. Ba looked 
beyond the venter* of Is* Uses sad 
jean* silks asdi etosn ar rejected t a* 

fr-.t Marray 
■yklSfSd'r ' tieiee* He was ss «!*■ 
aveateJ analyst atssi and theme*. 
lstcasery tagwsl. he 1 want M tto hats 
ef tajagajs ae«ra of any atteaaiia* •* 

»it anMorfat sower' of L. ss si a*t» 

ttH ass saaaas l ia i m§ «f ta» mas 
adtann •# tn« tWh sad BMh eaattanaB. 

Abllwnch fSM Shad* hist kmsthaa is 

ww* js ss si * assasj i i nt aail a S«- 

Suat l>*aat «.*r,y <M fU aSBSSS SI 
msb4> mkary and aakad •» »'* aaly 
J 'i e#n 

h* Hired te asatha* land o* a later age, 
sir eaa wsly wildW apacskaM; bst we 
haear ran nstnetisBS thai hedged b<» 
ler* wer e f aehla to ranker his MM ' 
Bteivptd aont A SSisSsd wife, tdslised 
and uMisisg 'hildr»a, a sBBSasnssc 
fhnisst. sd*as«sd a* Ms eaa* sad sUe» 
rseea ssd Ma clsar sWeas sf tsrtaa- 

■mS h SSSSS SS ■Shli Sim as in W*a with 
iir. ism a* walk*d eeart ssd hiadry 
Hs laasah, e ad dad sat swep ar fatter 
•r g**ar trcuhi-d u.M pkawrd henenik 
ih* aieaway a* tak tssahv 

a. a V. 

m Brad 

g and lii 

■bout fourtrvn yrarw. 

Oa rl«:lioji ilny, Nuirwrirr 7th, I'.'lii. 
■real tu my pulling plare, torated at 
2«*3 WaabinEtua avrnue. I arrived 
there at about A oVIock ia the maraing 
nod etood in line until 7:15. .Vrhes 
i -_-■■■■■ my same sad sddreaa I wsa 
c-ball'-njted by the Drmnrratir judge, by 
nsar of McKlroy. He- had llatal itime* 
frinii whiek bo read oft ny ■ao>e,snd' 
said I bad been roavipted of forgery. 
I denied I had ever been nrreitrd in 
my life, or that 1 had ttpv bm in a 
■ ■■■in room ■■(■ ■■;.[ aa a witame, or that 
I ka4 evrr bnen in the Work • 1 < ■■;-■ or 
been runSncd in I toM the ehhl- 
Irnijrr nnd th-i- ;^"i(t | '" 1 *H lh«> fnrta 
and Ibe Rrpulilir^« judge* -mid In at 
l.iw nif (•. j!v ahead and vole. Dot the 
IVnurratic jwdfc* ■- 11 '' |P ' I wasted" hi 
voir be would ehallesg* me'sad star a 
it: " Cssllenged. " I prepared a bal- 
lot. It-wa* numbered 31 and handed jt 
is the judges.* Jolt as aoun aa I voted 
(he jodge wsa fotding it np sad I do 
"tnow whst be -did wtthtbe banoi. 
The rhalleogrr told the poiicesasn ss 
arrest ate asd just after I had voted the 
(-ilutniao took me to the «mitnl wsgon 
and took me to the Dayton Potire Sts 
There I wsa hMhed op. I ws* 
pat ia a cell. I wsa detained about 
hear. • The RcpsbheaB Cesraittee 
earne and west niy bond. I never •-* -• t 
baek to the pou* after' this. 

Before the election siy wife laeeSSme 
«aa- poUe a s sas easae. tn tkeJiouae and 
vaa aakiag the ssraea of- the nsen in J •■■•• 
house and sty wife gave the ■■■*■ to 
taeaa. (rligBed) . WiUuani f.tnrk. 

f»*»l) . . 

' jooimiMJon an notary psbkac S» 
pirea Uareh Sd. 1817. 


■ •' /uU'— , "*•-""•"' afif..- 

By Idas Sadie PUlosr 

Brrmmt of turh dissgreeabl- 

weather, oiir »ervi.-c. were held in the 

ehapeL Her. Cola preacher. Subject, 

hfan'i Orest Desire of God." 
two o'cloek ebvensnt began; at- foor 
'elork the Lord 'a Sapper was served. 
Nest Sunday morning Rev. Cots will 
prcsrh on the aubjeet, "Entering the 
Orest Rare." The rally fa' .till 
All members and friends era cordially 
invited to nttead. 


Swope's Store Has 
Jim Crow Section 

■of* 'a aha* stsev aa Qtiva- atm-t 
been s t aintsining a Jbat Cr*w aac- 
tioa for Colored ss i re n foe **■** tune, 
bat the esart policy af the naaapami 
•11 aot deeiared anlil recently when 
lent, r), B. WaJia*r wsa nlnaed s sale 
beessne she eranld aot ait ■;■ , the pav- 
■rribed plnea, which is is lb* Mas. 

The siatter was taken wjp aery care- 
fuit. with, isnt Msaagav Elkha, then 
the propnetM. Mr. cVajape, b> air. WsJ- 
taee ■...,.. 

Mr. Swesa deeiared' that ae*eraJ ef 
^-"anWjsasm atrtrng 1 
ia Ihe apae una rasas with Caanesd •»*- 


TV* gt Mew L. W. hvrasa, hnstssa «l 
the a. «. B. C^aash, wilt a* taw aa*ak 
er at lie ooeai aaaatass; ad san?Bwran*ds- 

ar. ism fa._ 
Thete will^be bacptlaisg - at Mt. Cdive 
Baptist rfcoseh Sunday. Feb. lllh. st 
It J 'e ls e* . Viattur* and frwada arw 
eurdiaily invited to be with jja. Oar re- 
vivsj which ana jawt cleccd waa qnite n 
•neceaa, and law who labored r* fml- 
sandy have been rewarded 1 for their ef- 
forts. Oar pastor, by kia devotion to 
duty, and ewasecraled life, hae wan 
sassy mi. to Carist asd he ia held in 
high eotecM by hia coag r egstiea. The 
doora af oar rharrh are shrsya open to 
atriajrert. Thssa dnirisg good fellow 
are arged to cibsm -ss " 


The question of "Negro Exodns' 
OTth will be diaenaaed oeit Monday 
night by the st i.«nij Eveautg Evan- 
gHieal Allianee at Provideaee Bsptiat 
Chureb, iSiM Kennerly. Ave. The whits 
people of the Soath are sending lead- 
isg Negroes in all. sections of the 
North, to Uveatignte the' matter. One 
of Oeorgla'i lending Negro m lntaters ii 
'■ tha ■ siy and will be present al las 
leeting and will deliver an sddrrna 
The miaiatcr* and citVnai of St Loals 
are cordially invited to to preeeat. The 
door* of Providence Baptiit Church 
are alwsya open to the aontaera Ks- 
gro, snd the member* citend to then 
a moat cordial welcome. It i* true that 
Nvjfr— « f rest the rural diatrieti 
of the Baadk do not understaag the 
pit f alia of city Hfe, the aarae la true 
kite people from the rural dli- 

Otva Hundredth Anaivertary 

sf Trsntess «f Indsstrul 

*■ Met Monday evening. 
Pehvssry 5, at *J83 Pins Street. The 
b—ineaa before the meeting waa the 

raageairntB foe the learning of a home 

it -"V. I.etae Ave, 

The falsi 1 jag taud enah >i)»ii|. 
liaw: Bev. hfra. Nuaw r_. Siu. 
Bab*. O.' HaB, tl«; Urtal «•». OOVen: 
Bev. Mm S«..» K. Baartb, Peeaaaent: 
Obsl. Mecat, rVensney; KUjsn Hawkina, 
aarer; B«rr«rl Arstatesd and Mr- 

Tto Bsane will .to o p ea ad /ar bau- 
nem at aace. It ia B rbartered iaati- 
tatisn ainee ta i s saih ei It, ISI1. Hob 
••nation* ee l i cit aal ptaaaa hrfn. htm. 
N E. ehBUth.' rss&eitst. 

|af Lto ireat awl 

■■tto rewtrsi Bap 

Chnrrh wilt lake nansa ssi saorC 

Os iaac Sfcnaday wori 

Every Weslaasshir night' 

1 e-ndneling the cvaerai 
•tady U tto rvnr-tarea. Tto eaasras eC 
Kbaa atady law tto WHanSay aight 
and far tto h*t*i ad tto annah w 1U he 
en eant WaaWaaany aash*. AB 
im asasHt with tnau aw a B, ' 
Tto ni nes and aaufcartea of 
ebaveh wfB give in the narst tw> ■ 
tto aaa aal eai nation to thai near' i 
tors sf the ahnri rk . Oasswrnnity 

The Seven Chnrch Baptist Union met 
February 5, with Pilgrim Baptist 
Chureb. The meeting was a gloriona 
one. The aerraon by Bee. Hall— theme, 
'Faith," wsa a good one. It ia won- 
dorful to ait in the onion meetings, and 
hear the sweet singing, led by Slaters 
Hall and Fryson, Any one who 
not be inapired and helped by thai 
mectinga needs to be born again, Oa 
Sunday afternoon, February 4, the *ia- 
ters of the Onion met. This addition 
sienna much to the work of the Mas- 

The president, Sister HalL is aa 
inspiring r-oman snd rasaas buiineas 
for the King. The neat meetUg to bs 
held at North Galilee Baptist Church, 
"vervone ia invited to come Snd help 
make the- masting a good one. (ttag- 

('.■Itc.-tion. IU.0H. The neat meet- 
in c of the Union will be with Magda- 
lene Cbsreh at lit. Olive Baptist 
Chsreb, 1405 Morgan Strset Bst. " 

B. Chainey, Psstor. Bev. J. V. Hall, 
President; Bev. L. E. Idolton, Bsers- 
tary ; Bev. E. L.. htaaoa, iasutaat Sec- 
retary; 8. M. Collin*, Beperter. 

Big Masquerade 
{{At The Orpheus 
Academy Feb.^ 16 

Two big masquerades ar* oa the 
New Orpheus Academy calendar for 
thi* month. As no Valentine, party 
vrilt to given this year, Mr. Orant has 
decided to elose the pre-lenten season 
with two grsad society functions oa 
Friday night*, February 9 and 18. 
Theas are 'being planned to be of ex- 
traordinary briUuuiee and the cream 
of the aocial world is expected to st- 
tend. An elaborste dance progmm is 
being arranged and the'gueeta will " 
again enjoy tha "Honolnln Schot- 
tiaehc," tto new popular erase which 
is receiving no lea* than three encores 
whenever It is presented. 


Owing to my increasing number of 
the Argus papers I am handling' sack 
wash, and beeanse nj stadias ia school 
are increasing, and also .that I am re- 
quired' to pay for Us papers I tall 
promptly, I am compelled to ash: my 
customer* to be ready to pay for their 
papers each week when delivered. 

This notice to tsk« effect February 

I. New enatomer* desiring me to de- 
liver the Argut should communicate 
with me at ones. 

Thanking yon in advance for the 
anme, I am, respeetfullr yous, - ~\ 

J. D. Wiuteraon, 42r» Loeky Street.. 


gntrtaal Church, 2727 Ianrten 
In connection with tto spiritual serv- 
ice on Friday evening, February 23, a, 
flower reception will to told. Home 
of the best mediums in the city wtil 
be presest to sdvise. 
. Special offering for the buildins 
fond J., R Weatherford, Bectorj "" 

Frederick Douglas 

tvatch tot/b mm 

haa at Mesr Tack City vastt 
aaa Exchange. 1M W. UBafl 

t B. ■- Flalds- Voting. Pro». 

Notice. — A resl treat ia in store for 
the eitlieni of St. Levis, Mo. Osr own 
Dr. F. II. Cook, of Little Boek, Ark., 
one of the tost Ooaped minister* of to- 
day, one who Ii known all ovsr the ('■ 
s.. n silver tongue orator, a master of 
the pulpit, one who has called and bap- 
tized mora eonverta than any one ass 
ia the entire Booth, one whom black 
sad white would rejoice to hear, great 
crowds go to hear this able divine, will 
to ia St. Louis daring tto last wreak 
of February, for ten or more days. The 
■nsatarsaf .Ue^itr deaarJaQa have Jjiie. , 
able mini at er to speak St t hei r service*, 
will do well to write him, sshJag for 

Address him at No. 1X1S Wright Ave- 
eee, Little Bosk, Ark. 

— From Tha New Orleans Newa, The 

Want awswt'ft 
Deaeiag every We dn esday and Bas- 
dsy nights. Two grand prise* given 
sway each sight. If yen deat wanes 
aa eaukaavr, aesna eat and shuVin tha 
contest fat- a prise, ha bee ts siL 
Teal! enjoy listeaisg to tto aaaec 

Adaslmtoa, 'ssanswh IS esatt; gaatle- 
■aa, M saata. Jeawph aad LUBe 

U is* ' G lady • Mas Bradska w aaa 
opened a shts* for music natolnrs in 
" St. Psrdsnnaa. Lima** 






e-heo looimg tor thai ORIGiN AL Shut i 
psevJoo Brigj»tn«r. In sveocmtnl mm o*e»r c 


BEWARE o. all i 



*^^>Jb^ B ' ^s% ^ 


1S12 A^-n-bcAvw, anr.aUya. H Y. 


Writ* for « saanpae at Palftotr't "Hm^S - D ' g. that 


beat hear rani id i on the — rim 




\ Bodsty Must How Quickstep In tbt Grand Social Finale Before the 
Lenten Season Still* tbav Spirit of Gayety. 

WVtll the begmiiipR urine IJen'ten "SeaMoii, ftiiTlen a'aya'iiViy 
solemnity begin*, to creep into the. middle of the screen. 
This Hound* iik.e a Lauicut, which it in. We call expert in the eusuittg 
wfek informal ehtertaimuenU galore, many on the spur of the mo- 
ment, after which, the Mtiarl doings that haVe heen in vogue will lie 
only a rumor, only a whisper, only a luncheon in the most impromptu 
k fashion. 

J The Bachelor tiirl*' Club will give * 
llotn n.squersric ball at Pylbitn Hnll 

Thursday, February IS. 

The Twelve Knight*' annual iwitlen 
[en dam-i' which [>runiMi'!> a swell affair 
•given Mondaj evening, Keb. IB, 
fat Pythian Hall. 

Owing to inclement weather on 
. CsBdlcms* Dsy, February *, at All 
1 (jaiil* t'hutph. candles may be par- 
chased. Snnil»y, r'ebraslj 11, 

Thi- last Of lln' "itii-.- Of intertsla 
Wants ( .f Ik* AH Saint* Church will be 
given uo the evening of February IK at 
the teeideac* of Mr. and Mr/. Camp- 
bell, *25tf Vest Belle. 

The aeeoad of the two. hij masquer 
idea iiti !■■ i thi- suipicr* «f the New 
Orpheus Academy will be fiver, in tbe 
Pythias ilall Auditorium, Friday eve- 
ning, rVbrwsry l'rf.' 

The Informal Dames will have a >pe- 
. i.i ralb-d mi ■•■in. g Thursday, February 
IS, at 3 p. ni. (harp at tbe residence 
of Mrs. L>. K. thwdua. sin. Nellie 
Ag«e, president; bin. F.dwnrd Wilkin- 
son, Seertlsry. 

Mi- Marie Hendersun save a whist 
Smir.lns- evening at the residenc* ol 
Dr. '». F. Hlugord, in honor ut Ms-. 
llaude Cuney Hare. There were about 
forty person* present. Mr*. Jaa. Hus- 
ton a un tbe Brat arise, lira. Hare re 
reived the guest priie. 

Un. Knrtleen Thurmsu nas at home 
tu the Bachelor (ILrln rtsturasy after 
noon and entertained with a whiat. 
.The an-' i- were: Mestlante* Huston, 
Miwerv, Freacb, PbtrBoa,- Agee, K»b»- 
•oa, CaserU. Mi**** Mamie Dickson 
and rlueiHe VTatliia. lira. Hantoa «oa 
the Iral prize-- « beautiful handbag 
made by the hoalc**; Miss Anna Mar- 
alaaU, lb* —gait prim— two beautiful 
kaadkrrthicf*. Mi*. Hancock ■»■ the 
i.i«,l.y - a safc. 

Mm. J.J. Evaas. ef 43lti Ungiey 
Ave., Cfclrago, t»v *» -vbritiag Madam 
Kvelya Hortoa. Preaident or the Eu- 
' nfca CoOegn of Hair (Vltar*. Mra. 
Evaaa it one of !b» Hvr.-toaa a,eati 
■ad baa a baaaltful hair dreaaing par 
lor ii Cmiaago aad i* •Irnng s woader- 
ful buaaaaaa, Kha stfla be g'a.i to have 
bar ■»"¥ fnemi. to .-all on' her whiU 

' ' 'it *&srwirw~ net" w **'■■«»' why 

'uhoae. Liadell «B«S. 

Watah fee ih* paay, "Caaat sad Sf 
ferta," at Caioa afaatariai, Mareh *. 

liim Ansa May Johaaoa eatertaiasd 
at her baaae. »is Fraaklia. tba SHh 
' Ccatory T«s»«*»,-i» honor at the M. W. 
I', lira. Jeanie Howsrd. A delighlfal 
hmpeb wan arnred, iw iatiag »t turkey 
■at aalad. wi««, we rreaai. ' rake sad 
eaady- Tbaaa praanat were: Kra. M. 
B. Daraar. A. WyaM, eW K»iih. al. 
eardWr, Vaa Jahwam, K. M, ktowaxd, 
X. Kail*, Mrs. But he., lira. M. Keith 
aad -afl- H. Waehiaftoa Mr. Tba*. 
Evaaa rendered aavaeal rhnire aelee- 
tiaaa OB ike At a lata hoar 
the £■*•** aeaarte.1, deekriag BaTaf had 
k aaaait a •*»?■ a aaaaa a l «r«Hif, aad 
7 Mi** Aaaa Mir Jokaaea a ipWadtd 

Mr. <;.-.. Uradley, of WaUl Ate., is 

Mr*, tame A. Wnl, 4104 Wwi Halle, 
h.i - been 111 for a few -flay*. 

He* "Tbe FaatiBg ribow" Ssturday 
February 10, 1:30 to 3 p." in.. Booker 
Waahlngtoe Theatre. 

Urn. Flora rtmith, of 1S37 l*>pio. 
who bait boeu on the alck ll.t for the 
]•*«! week, it* iiuptoviag. 

"The ra-JtDB Show" Benefit Mati 
neo for tbe Mound Tity Boeial Settle 
nteirt today: t:30 to 3 p. tu. 

Miaa Hea-leriato, 4«S» Weat Belle, I 
tertaiaed Katnrdayy Pebnary.,3. 
honor nf Mrs. Maude Cuney Hire. 

Mr*. I'll- 1 1 and »uu areotn 
S'/uiii 1 .: her huabaad to I^juiaiana, 
Whore he trent ti> altend the funeral 
of hia brother. 

ii lluntt-r waa at ho 
■uing at the aaaUaaaal 
paa, in honor of the j lif 

A refrular brotherhood meeting 
bi' bl'ld at Union Memorial Church 
Sunday at * ]>. in- Howard Hjdrner 

Lillian T. C. Miller, of 
Belle, wan operated on February 

M. M.i - ■■ ! nf K: »t. 
and i« inipr-ivini! ni.rety.. 

Mrs. J. A. Tolivtr, formerly of St. 
!.<iu is, now traveling north, waa ia the 
eity ..(ily a few itaja on buaiaeaa. Will 
return, north to live. - 

Mr*. Ev* Davis, who waa here from 
Chicago Id (tteriil the funeral of ber 
brother. Harry M. Bwthrr, henr returned. 
Breompasied by her hnaband. Mr. W; 
-I'M! I>*vi», 

The Weat End Art Huh held itl *M 

oail meerme February 1. at the ~re*i- 

dener of Mr*. Palmer, \70t Oooda Ave. 
.Veit meetiaf V'ebmary IS with Mr-. 
•(■-ear, *9S9 Ifaeby.- - ' - ■— ■--■■•■ '■-■ ■ . 

Prof. 1.. CI, Hurray, of Jaekaoa. 
Tear... after two weeks ia tbe city flatt- 
ing hi* daughter and friends .retsraed 
hoaae last Saturday and reported bav- 
i*I enjoyed a nueh *eedeil-re.( add a 

Mi» Either 1. fcaatael. gave a dii 
aer is honor of Mr. Otis F. Hanmoad 
twenty Iflb birthday, Jaauary !*. ,. 
delightful four -eoume menu was *er>ed 
ayt a jpeaaaaat lime was apeet by ftf 
teen invited gseate. i 

Wra. *«. N. MrAIUitter witl gli- 
a bend! Battaee. for Ibe Monad fit- 
Koeial .-tett lenient, entitled, "The Pse- 
ina-Hkow. " rlalanlay, February IS at 
the Hooher WBablagtam Theatre. 

n*rt with Mra A. O Oaaaa. PUtaaa. 

ii nr" — "— -t ?~ e "»l i 'aTf J 

|_Hia.ilh*l ware kuel aaaanV B*4 taw. 
„!!!(»» twraad ofer to boaiae** ManV 
~l : 'vU*iB.**wtaar Ta*Tl *r* were- u** 

•U BteaaWta wtB hw asaaaa w . At S 
a-chttk tw» kwaMna ta-iaa* hat gaawta 
MM ba* hwa-Wifal duataf rwaaa. wber. 

aha 'aarybd a dainty ba* Tb* aaat 

Mr.; Laeey Jaekaoa. of Mil Market 
Pbace, left Taeaway for Poplar BJolf. 
Mo. .here she will Jala Mr. (Tar* 
HarrU bb4 atia* (»*. May Bond, who 
hawe bee* vieitiaa ia l-iitle Boeh aad 
Bat jtaaaga.'ttrtelaai t*& rehflirea 

** *** *h# •"■■■-■--' ■-*-—• 

Patron*. AaaaenaiMa will be 

held at 

tbw Bvawat, •«• t*t . iawraa Aw*, Twe- 

day eveaisaj, Feawwaey 13, tflf. Bs- 

cellawt program begiasing M 

1 p- t*. 

t B Ward, Pre**deat; T. C. 


The Aawiag flrele rwcwstr* 


.B*4 bv the tadie* af Uawt Taberaaele 

r. M. K. rb*»ek. U aeaajeewainjr Blealy 

nad tb* meaabwr* are ntweh *ae 


Mr*, ffatawa BwVkaaara, ftawkawat: Mr*. 

». L. Baahfc SbMaaaawy; Be. 

», L. 

aanith. futit. ' 

The M*iroa* Art (T*» met Friday 
Fab I ia i y (V at ta* e aaidaaaa* af Km. 
L. C Twrreli. US* 

with twati 

Mna Harr» ul irr 

tar «■ r — . + mt Me*, tar- J. 

William M. Mitchell. ...2TSS Bandolph 
Mm. .Eiih'tIih. Ki.ii.':- .3723 Bandolph 

Harvey Oreen 2(34 Lawtoq 

Am (tillifim , . , .3001 Law ton 

Morgan Lavender 2&07 Bernard 

rJelma Brown ,,SK7 V 

Qoley FrJAklia.- HH N. 20lh 

Kelvins Adam* ....... .1022 N. SOth 

William 11. Merri'll. !..'.. "Jil Valentin.. 

lira, Cornelia Sertain 321 Valentine 

(John, 1), Trigg.. 8«5T Moreno 

Mr*. Miry Robin w »OB.":r:43s7 *MYrM 

Ijittra J; Wheeler...:. -.'MS lharkei IT 
Vivian MJteb*U.....,..'.!JO10 Clark 

Buby Smut. " 4453 Easlon' 

Andrew Jstsktos ',', 3*H3 l>urs« 

Mr.. Aliea Gold 2443.Lik*s 

Roy WiUUnu ,.'.;„ S733 Lneaa 

Lucile Mrliivr -Jiwr, Ijiwton 

Mitebell .Sawyer 413 & Garrison 

Olive Stockayd 407 H. Harrison 

Thomas Wade M 18 ■ M organ 

I^na Elvoid .^818 Morgan 

Claytoo. Mo. 

Frank B. Kills Clayton 

Addle Hicai Webster droves. 

Earnest William*. Kinlneh Park 

Lne A. Young, 3316 Frnnklia AVsv— 

' .8*. Louis 

Mis* Sophia Jrteri or Knoivillc, 
Tenn., ia making rlt. I<ouia her future 
koBie. with lift fstber, .I-'liis Jeter, :- 1 ■ 
Hem pie Ave. 

Miss Ida Mae Cohn, 3942 Clark, who 
has been itl for two week* ia-rcpnrtitl 
muck improved. 

Mrs. Mattie Pike-Mayo. 1717 Fondle 
ton Avenue died Thursday morning. 
Tbe remaina will be boriod frcHnCen' 
tral Baptiat Churrh Nun day at 2 p. m. 

Invitation* sra out nnnoilnein^ ike 
marriage of Mian Maggie Wood folk. 
4174 West Belle, (o Mr. Clinton C. QQ 
ii.Ti. ..ii ibe evening of Frbruary 33. 

atrs. Oley F. Splller, 2714- Hickory, 
was at home 8aturd*y. February 3, l.> 
friends ia honor of Mrs. Hunton, •'( 
Detroit, guest of Mr*. W. C, IJordon. . 


t (lie Simpson. 1033 Morgan, rear. .SI 
Stephen Bkobes, 300tl 1. .■ i.-.i, . i.i mo. 

Hatlie Walkina. ttta Wash ^33 

Nannie Moore, 1433 Chestnut.: 53 

Hurley Hmith, 913 H. Mb..,..." mo*. 
Catherine Torrence,- 1535 Osy..T.,.«? 

Miiti... Slri.vii, 17lt Peutlleton 3B 

Nathan MUlhouso, 173d X. 12th it , .31 

Dorothy Fort, 3724 Rutger 16 

Eva Braxton, .1017 Clark.,... 24 

Nataon Freeman, mi"< Finaoy 88 

Sarah Kevs, 3611 Walnut.' .\ ..W 

"ISfjaVWrneeV nit \.*Hs*jih.:.. 
m^h.-d^jki^^ atx.,U»nit«^. ; 17l 

Jsmee Hunt, City ll.wpnal. _, 21 

Ladnda ljivis. City Ho*pitBj. ,. ,,,"# 
-Ptessant Jonei. tv^ H. tutrriarin . . . .7»ri 

Beaaie House, 1384 Morgan S3 

Edith llc-i- 5330 .Vorthup AS 

Haatie Thontaa, 2317 Papia 1* 

Laajor Thomas, 33)7 Papin 

Andrew Williams, 117 H. t'hinning.rl.'i 
Hylveater Bseee, 708 N. Ifllh it,... fl 
John Lindscy. City Hospiial 3,1 


The Bouktovers held their regular 
meeting Saturday afternoon in the As- 
eoeiation jBirbtr. 

The ("htiral SocielJ; .ineets Tuesdny 
1 1 isb*H at 7^0. 

I'-.n'i miss the Thursday evening 
"gym elasfc'' I,oi* of fan for every 

The Wheatley Branch School of 
House hex ping had itl opening un Ttiur- 
day. February 1, IB]?, at 3 e'eksek. 
students sre still registering for 
rourte and we are eapecting ■ 
srhnol, both day and night throughout 
the term. 

In eonnertiun with this work there 
will be a free eo*re*e «**■ hfetares and 
demonstration, on one evening of 
week., to which the publia is invited. 
Mr*. Miniah, |tf the Lselede lias Light 
Cuoipsny, will give the (rst demon 
mi's i i.i n on Friday nr^oiag, February 
b, 1017. You afford to lose 
this opportunity. All of the mothers 

and hear it. 

!' ". ■ i.'i;>i the party — "Tbe .U«. 
urement Party ' ' un that same erasing. 
There will be made, ateWoastratiuB, 
song* and game.. 1'leaty of good tun.-. 
Girl*, he sure and roar. 

Mr*, \auuie Hmita, of Otluaiwa, M., 
Mr. C. W. KabBBhs, of Fort Mad i*>,o, 
Iowa, and Mis. Mary F. Steward, nf 
Mobile, tin., are the latent goeats 
the Aseorialtun I>ormttnry. 

Maud c.ney Hare aad Wm. H. Ri 
ardona. of Boston, appeared before an 
appreciative audietiee is the T. f 
a. gymnaaium Friday evraiag. 

Tbe pastor* and member* of 
Corinthian Baptist Church win pleased 
to see the broad smile and save 
aVwaS midst Sev W. W. I'erry. (be du- 
triet mtwaWaary but Hnaday He eoa 
gralu|ated" the mi» h i r i aw their un 
expected moiemeat in m*hi«g the Seat 
pay meal oa tbe site for their 'sew 
tkurth" wiica is* West ed ati the saagajf 

of Vermont a*d Bowes. £ very one i. 

Miss Jtarah (J. Jackson I* mm'h is. 
proved at thia aritiag, bat aawble to 
Isar* bar rwss*. Mr lad Mr. Frank 
AUea w«yc al home t» ■*». Eagewe 
Bnuliey and H .igb White last Haada y 

MM. Be— I* C. Xewsasae departed f*i 
aa indetaHe stay is Hot Mprrag* M>! 

faaaste aveWwe ia kkabisaj verv sack at 
heart Pwsat fstW«-=alI we esws gtew a* 

Mr, Edams Olaaa is eaavak—iag bn 

tbe DsUay Evmuag stahawl. Tb- akr. 

-»*.*- aj Sbj 

arwlag and ML*a Katefls ra**? tSw 

Hev. DeShield, of IrUMI MrCasslin, E. 
." Louis, .Uughter of Mr*. Daisy 
cliis.ii. dieil February 3, and was bur- 
led Suflday, February 4, nt 3:30 p. m., 
rrarn St. Purl Baptist Church. Dr. 
Hard, of First Baptist Churrh and Dr. 
MeHride. from Mt. Olive offlciatet): 
leavea, to mourn h«r loas, ono 
child. ■ UHilher, father, brother, olhei 
relative* nnd lino n boatof friend*. 


We v.i*h to eatend our honrt felt 
thaakh to our many friend* for their 
kind sympathy und beautiful floral sf. 
feeing* shown u* in our late bereave 
meat by Ihe loss of„»ur dear brother. 
Harry M. Butler.. Also Key. E. Dob 
soa fur Hi. kind, ronsoling word*, the 
pall hen rem, gue*t« and employees „( 
WawenslH Hotel. Mrs. AnnaP'iwelt 
Mrs, Hirdir Lnvinge nnd. Mrs. Evs 
Ibsvis, sister*. 


The A|wllo Club held its regular 
monthly Hireling at the residence of 
Mr. K. Herbert Btsnlon, 2344 Elw.«>.l 
street. Sunday. Feh. 4. 1BI7. 

The meeting waa designated SS the 
Shafl'n.-r Memorial mevling and earh 
member spoke of the" impression which 
tbe life sir,. I association of Mr. Khsfl- 
aer had Saaate opon them. The follow- 
ing resiiluliun. were 

Friend after friend departs.- 

Who bit not lost s friend! 
There i* no uniou here for heart* 

Tbst ha* not here n'ti end. 

Wher.q>.. Qsw iu his innuite wisdom 
has eeen fit lo remove from our midst. 
out dear friend ajtd rlub 11181?, Jsidure 
i: Hbsjraer: atarf,.. 

Whereas, by hi* death the AjmiIIo 
club has last one nf its most loyal and 
ei-ngenisl memberni' 

There, be it resolved. That a va 
csacry riislii in nuf rlub whirfa sjaj 
never be illed, «*i| the heartfelt «_«*,■ 
pathy of our member* goe* out to Ihe 
I" r.iaved family aad friend*. 

Be it further reaolved. That a copy 
of these resolution, be lent to the be 
reived family, aad a ropy be plseed'nn 
the record* of thii eftib, . 

R. Herbert Stanton, Pre*. 
.,...„. j ^^JieiS-l^ClBy, ,V.«* Hi < ~ ■ — »,- . 
'"' U. H. Bolen, Secretary. 
Oder Spiller. Treasurer. 


I wish to tbsak my friends for Ihe 
hinamea* shows me daring Ibe brief ill 
i.--. Bld-aValh of my beloved mother. 
\snsie Moore, who departed this life 
> .n.Uy 1»17. Abasfwe the 
benBtiful floral I'tTertng*. E-pc.-nllr to 
the lodge* for their services. Signed, 
Mary Hill Ford, daughter. 

.loan fc n as sj. rtXO Holly avenue, ha* 
w4d oat his plaee ofbusiBeas at the 
thane* nddreee and is spending hi* rnra- 
lina ia the ea*t, He eipects to return 
in about three wweka. 


Facial Massage ■ 

Do You Believe in 7 
Safety First in Hair Culture • 

If ao Start Rifbt and Insure Safttr By Ulbg 

"The Slaughter System" 

. LydaV Hair Be&utilier * • Mark, Reg. U- S. Palemt Off ioe . . 

Guaranteed lo Crow Hair In Six treatments or 
money refunded. We handle Human Hair Goods at 


- • I 

E. Slaughter Gamble 


3M1 Lawton Ave. St Lotvit. N*. 





>H J— S 

We also guarantee that 

Uif t.-etf. will run lwr<rr,- 
t in us I ly breaking: off. 

The VAN-DOW DENTAL CO., 614 Olive St. 


.^. j^.1^.... -*rT.-;"-^'j.'w«r^- t --— -—- ... 

*■».• Iicnii.t Wall. •■ Va* Gvrct Tassi Vaa Carnal 



1 Basket lor— 

13 ■ ** — , 

28 ** " — 

CALL, frlOM 0« WglTt . IOMOSiT TU 

I. E. Banks and Watkins 

411 S. L.fl,*i..ll M 

10 Cents. 
50 " 


S. E. Cer. Pendleton and St. Ferdinand Avet. 

In addition t"o my IHbK and Vegetable ttarWt.' ' 
I have opened another atore 2424 N. Pendleton 
Ave. I carry i first clan? line of Fresh Meats.. 
Dressed Poultry and Egg*.. Fresh Fish. Oys- 
ters, Shrimps, Lobster* and Frog Legs- Pota- 
toes, Onion*. Cabbage, Lettuce, Cauliflower 
and Celery. Oranges. Leroona, Bananas, Ap- 
ples and Strawberries. ^ 

In my Confectionery Department I have ' 
the very bast Home Marie? Candies, Choco- 
lates and all dainty good"-- Phone orders 
delivered. /, .*. . ,'. 

Lindell 4722 

Stanley Green 


rbe botel foiwrrly known aa ike 

■nesercinl Hotf I, js*3 Morgan Hi... ,. 

sow beiBW- eonJaetrei i*S*r 


The Only Exclusive Chaitexed Colored 
Cemetery, in tbe Vicinity of St.)Loui». 
h at »U*j.5#clsnsa Free Can is AQLato asal 

FIICE «f LOTS $ZS U SIM WmUM Fr*. 3 i« • AsWt lertsls 

serns* of ' 

February. 11, 

Sansl Wtanmc" *swsaiBS*; 

i'lBBine; fee three week*,. All SB* 

new *s> Bttewa. r>***bias; ewcS **- 

ig saw scnyer sseetlaj; aasw after 

"•■"S M 4 ■.. 'fl.*k. 

**a*Wy in Brrsm Owe'.' ftay U tbe 

-asTse at S y . m. All BSW-ks*tt*al 

J-a,l*» testae iw . ewasssrtisw witb 


Adult , 

fJrrW' j.*aj£ unaja arLfl ttfljar lg'YCa**J 

" 1 year " " 5 " 

" 1 " 


Adutt — ,. 

Chisd over 6 years and under 10 years.. 



f 10.00 





0*e TW*and 

AfeiU Wanted 

T. H«dU OOM A T AS HA II mi 

SCAIF laaUlsaaWT. *9* »* >**« « •»■ Is-sa-a-irf all absab its 

*-■ -- - - TTnTn. •"!-*-* (S*. *J sal .«« 

taw wwkwst K *ataw*TaV I ■*— *as« %f.C laaass, sawssrasM 

kept, hjf^r^rwde cemetery 
igci for, and 

weather, lowering dwVnrea, Eatpioye<-« in uatfortn aad other late** 
equipment. Every effert u being made to gt've our people a wet) 
de c em eter y btioatauutal i>>W SasaM aw» have been 
and the work will be begun early in the spring. 

aaWS SwBBjS sp aj Iswily b a sin] taw and em haewng nmmm 

—Hi Hin r eractee AH lbs* iHiaB u> ibe bn-ry of tn* € *■*■*■ i Frw 
rr J " r-*~'r s w v k* i* at tb* dwpoaaJ of »y **y aw* asurinS te snlaei a banal 
iM. I * > » *iii**"w b s fcn laesenswi l ' niaii. 

Call Bell K.rkw-od 287- W 
AKIHUR TURNER, '• ^uperiotaaaeat 

*i tan u*iw a**.. ■'•with i 


turn wet. Loon aioub 




Negro Business ] 


*A. BENJ: I>AV1S1 


' RATES * 


Personal. BuMtiea* and Pro- 
(«j8ion»l Carda. Business 
Chancest.' For Sale or Rent 
Houses, Stores. Flats. 5c per 
line; minimum l5c. 

Help Wanted, Situations Want- 
ad, For Rant Rooms, Rooms 
and Board, &c per line; mini- : 
mum lac. 

Display Ai- 50c ner ' tlc * ) - 
wcn.1 Rate* n 4-time Ada. 


o pl vet a Dfoa mu 

Ik* aid Picket alert, Jtflaaaea 

i,a*t« 4«et, Cat rata priaea 1 
iUk It often imitated, bat H 

m* Mi* a beautiful., let 30HM, via 
> iw Uik. [>.-i)! k«iM, caller, water la 
tfa*. pi ...I good eiotatn «ii" •>■ 
(a* en (tide, IW4 ponst* on earth tad 
ma* ndae. Greaitoid''ia treat, teal 
Gear* Benae. Worth «,StW. tea be 
uilki ft |],S00 task. Call aa* la 
, 4U Bonh*oima A**. Apply at 
• At*., Clayton, Ut. A.k 
- tat Denial V^ita (Ut) 

; itTB 

FOR HAl.i:: The owner «av« ■ 
, Thu 11 the buat bargain un W. 
. A five ami *ii room tingle Ha 
- sad ettctne nature* la -Bill 
condition. Terra* W PBM. Bee 
j Mit.-bell. 2341 Uarhet Pheae, 



foil ItL.VT: Two 

■ Li»d*]i urns. 

FOB RKHT.— Tare* tingle room* 
. anil tilth, fu.rm*h>> .(.:. electric light* and 
(elephant tree. Foraat IS95SI 


WASTED..— 21 building wrecker*. 

steady employment. Geed wagsa 

CoheBSwarU Rail anil sievl Co., H 

R ranch St. .'--:• 

WANTa^-Urn as* anata* *»ra. 
ateade Job, two ««n' xurk. Apply 
at the (lilt Edge Wswt <'«-. -■-' Vl Mar 

'Tuner, Repairer and Finisher 
of Pianos Reed and Pipe Organ 
_ Expert Week Cuemnteed. 

70S Lawten Ave. St. Louis, 

0HA8. a. pbbxxhs, 

3i«d Palatar and interior Doceratef 
Pim-uinse Wars 

3)32 Fair Amuii*. 


Yon aaaaaW afford 
eyas. If they boiber you, hava them 
tcated free. GUimi Sited from II St 
up- Fifteen years' experience 

2335 Market St. 



Licensed and bonded* electrical 
■"r.i.i..T We will win roar eW 
i new home tad furniih roe bs- 
hirea and give you *i* moolh» tOSSM 
rrar lo pa* for it Fan* rented, told 
tad repairtaV,^ ■ 

"The rot* u red, 

Tk« violm an b!at. 

I ■ 

Aad others do tee." 

Call et write roe, £111 bl 


nm l&ftT: 

■ :... -.-y ■ 

Three 'neatly fiirni*af>1 
I** a>.a*jadlasMa. 3413 
, LindeU 23H3. 

POK RENT.- -Nfatljr faraiaaed 
tuoa. hot and eald watvr, furaara heat, 
ataetri* lifbU, for umtlroiaa, 4174 
Watt 'Ball*. ' 1-S-tT 

■ rOB RENT-Scetly • futai.kaJ 

•Tjaj RtUTi Pj 

rni"bp.l _»*(! nafar 
il fliwr ffunt md 
1 Ijtwt'm. '.4.S--I- 

WANTED.— Ottrc tfirt to auk La 

Mara. Writ a Bni 2, Arjva ofBe*. £341 

MEN w AMUi- r<4oaad asaa !1 to 
35 ]wf of 'af*. wiahiae> pnattiaaa a* 
a ta rp i aj f car porten »r . ttaia -paltM* 
•a Miwuri raada, »nt» tar applira 
lata Ueak aad iafnraiatiaa Ka M 

l»-i »:.:■■■■ toJ 

•PABTNiia WASTKW.-Waat a 
Ikaatbaal parcaar wHb vaak of t.:rm i>. 
S* aaa-aalf. lainwaanl track fa*a»- 
tag, paolW aad ».>«:*» wn»f, Wtta ataae 
at atat LaeiHU. Parn at BamHart 
Ha , a* aii'ra f rem St tavia. B S 

JTOaV UUa. i-*i i*ua».-*B4.. bata; 
«**<tad a»r t«£S *'«t Ball* Call 
la ito *»"« m i*»" -i *n a day. f.ia*MI 

FOB BBXT: rattit* al : , twa ka*a 
■•atr* fa ra tofcad «*»• *»r aaa^la «• 

■^tW«a. 49*1 Waal BatV. HM-wa. 
XaafteB n 

Baal gold MM apaalaaaaa for aat* 
en* dollar. Uaaav back If yoe waal 
it. Sale UoaoVr'' aid- TaaaiaT at 
Harrr 0. Daaglaaa, Priiaitftfcaa Biaf- 
giat Quality aad ttarriw Stora, 340* 
.S'ortk PaadUtoa AVtana. 

Wi actaally tall yaa taa 
(Old'tllad ajaatafaa* or 
fraoi**. gTiaraat**d to aaaay 1 
barat gold lllc-d. and to waar for tea 
jam HimiUr g taaaa* a W»aar«, BUe 

.if- With taaaa f ramr. i* a pair af eat 
(•aaiaa fMriaeopie areata! 
free by aer aapart optiaiaa. who baa 
had *aera af aipariaata la flttiag 
glaataa.' Pot •■!» •%* dollar Spatial 
Ivaaaa axtra. tS-SO riBlata gla 
KM; «S.OO bifMaUv twt pair* la 

USB.. JSuatfar .fjtam, •!••■»«■. 

MM aad a«. M 

Mayor Kiel To 
Make Address 

At LiDcalD-DoucUat Mamorial afoacUy 
EveniDg. Pabrnary 12. at . Pytbiau 
Hail, other Piemtaeot a^aBajaa i «■ 

Uajor Ueory W. Kiel will-ba ihr 
prineipal-ipaaker at the Liaeohi'DoTig- 
lat Celabratloo wbieb will be held. at 
J»y tkia» T^uavaV tW. Jluto, aU-JJ aa> 
" ly evening, February 1!. 

The eelebretiOB it umJVr tba au.« | ■ ; . - 
j)T Ibe Cpl.:rs,-.r rt.'j'iibneap iajSpteiori; 
of- tk* Street tiepariaieijt ajia: taa ;■-.- 
Kriiu hai Iul'C so arranged at to af- 
ford a nide «c"i"- <•( j'leaaure aad aat' 
iif action to all wko attabd. ' 

Otber rirumiiicat speaker* will grace 
the [f tii gram, ameqg whoa are: Dr. 
Chaa. -ii«ir v PbilUpa, Hoa. C M. Tal- 
bejrt. Director of Street* and Sawrr*, 
Uon William Herbert Helda, Xational 
lirind Halter of lhr> A. V. K asd D. 
■ ■( A., Dr. S. 1.. Bioilb, Pa* tor of Lane 
Tabemae^', Hun. Charlwa 11. Tandy 
aid other*. jAg complete prograM » : 'l 
appear ia iteit iatue. 

fJfjr B 

atrfy Uaeola, pot Up foot down and 

amid, -Taere akall be 

entry let* 


Hor Ton a Youthful Brown SBi 
Powder aad Vaniahina Creana. I'n. 
lie Made only by Evalja Horiu 
life. Co., 4 IBS W. Bella Plate, r> 
Leola, Ho. Liberal tanaa la ag aata 

"Deraiataa," tb* beat know* iui 
growar in tba world. Tee are eelitlad 
to tba beat; therefore yoe aheeld ia*i*i 
an nning Dennataa. Tba daaaaad for 
thi». praparatien La iatreaaiaa; aaeb Aay 
by tboea who hare need it. Bfaeial 
aad DC amenta to ageata. Ooaraataad by 

Dennataa atff Co., Mm P. W Deaii 

•aal, president. 3749 WaJaet St, St 
Lenta, Ha. 


.Ktrn loutioa ia sa-M Pine St. A 

■■■'■'■ ]■:•■!!■ college eourn* caa be ad 
urn. board and lodging. C l a im lay 
and aright. Rev. N. H. Bayaet, [■'--. 


Store* Repaired. Call . . . 

E. M. PatechaJi 

43I4-a Lucky St. Louis, Mo. 




nomas u gniw p>«** 



2117 M.rkeeS*. 


The Negro Year Book for tale ai the 
Oa .Edge Sawa Co. R Oeade a. 

h-'-en appointed reeeatl* aa diatriet 
(imn»j;«r far the Negro Year Boek On, 
hope to be ablr.Ky place tbia bweh 
■eery bone in b&> ffiitriet. . II a a 
wonderful eaeyeteveifia' of the 
The book i* eiUoot 
pubtlaher -tale* bi* repotatiae a* 
thi* atatenient. Readme lae Beek wil- 
>.erifv tk* entim. -Ir-wial 
to agent*.' Bead 35c tm poeaaa* 
the book will be mailed free. Addt**>' 
R. ■■■■ -I-'" 330.1 Marhn St. 


That ttM fr^tiiJein Mourra^l Over 

the Sorniw of His Opponents 

ft VoticberJ For by an 


Uoo juat npw - Ha 
made bl* way to 
Hlekaaead anal 

city alone. Tbere 

hrliiiafbaul i nl 1 1 
an that Bt eB tan 

tht of hi - lory 
walked with 
bis bead dews, 

with Deary step 

Ibe aoataera rapi- 

JeflTersue lliili' .- 

rooo. be becV Us *" ™* 
tare oaSciala ntep. aside and leave aim 
altne. Attrr a few nlaetm bad passed 
by. one of t beta, ont of certoatty, looked 
tn see what bad taken plaee, and tbere 
aat linrotn. with his bend bowed on 
jeateraoa DaW awat. Bis face In bin 
hnsirr sad Bis (.an fslliBaV And I 

eaj that the aageta of God aeeer 
kaeked doom fron the bnttleiaents of 
heaven en a healer srene than that. 
Hls-crent. ayeBpatheiie heart saved the 
repoMic. That waa the greatest vic- 
tory la tbe CIvB war; (bat eertled (be 
eferesgte; that boamd the North and 
Seeth fapa a aan and, Abeahaat Unoola, 
like bia great Hatter. (Bed of a broken 
heart. & bant with ayrapathy. The 
greatest victory Id thoee day* of ■(rug- 
ate was- that ChrlatUke sympathy. Tan 
greatest victory that la ewer wen an 
Bay t'atii-fMil of feaaaan life, 
annr a ta tn lhentrt 
tstroegbi the weeaderftd ettnarnt ' 
rasnM dowa frost the bean of Jes 
CBrtst — hi* eera *Rem« sympathy for 
— CarrJaad Hvera. 


Will Promote a Pull Growth of 
Hair, Will also Restore the 
Strength, Vitality aad the Beau- 
ty of the Hair. If your Hair ia 
Dry and Wiry Try 

Eact India Hair Grower 

If you are bothered with Fal- 
ling Hair, Dandruff, Itching Scalp 
"or any Hair TrbubTe" we want yoU~to~ 
*rr «:«■ fffJEASTWWA SAW GKBWS3L - 
The remedy cotitaina medical proper- 
ties that goto the roots of the Hair, 
stimulates the akin, helping nature dp 
its work. Leaves the hair soft and silky. Per- 
fumed with a balm of a thousand flowers. The" 
Best known remedy for Heavy and Beautiful Black 
Eye-Brows, also restores Gray Hair to its Natural 
Color. Can be used with Hot Irqn for Straighten- 
ink*. • I 

Price Sent b y Mail. SOc: 10c Extra for Postage 


1 F*c. i 

iw swiio,. am 

He Eilra/iH Fialiijjt 

S. D. LTONS, Gcb. Aft, 314 E. 2*1 St. 

Oklahoma City. Okie. 


Uarisg bad graat intereat in the 
naiaeaa of hair culture for tba paal 
m yeara, aba baa perfected through 
revee experimenta a preparation 
bleb the can, now oITer to the public 
Mt aicela other like praparstioDB on 
tba market. Bas is doiBg the work si 
home, Z71D -Lawtoa avenue, where 
aba Invitee tba public that aba might 
prove to ibein tbe merita of bar prepa- 
ration. She guarantee* a quick growth 
■ad aatiaf sttiba to all euttomer*. 
When others fail, try ber Be-Nu Hnii 





Tbe New Panskm U* lt(« la *w 
>wa" sad Colored 
'there. Write a* 
•*i kaew rw rigbu. Bead 30 eeeev 
*«nd to rittgerald k Deip, 
teency, Indiaaapetia. lad. 

Odd Fellfwa' Hall 2923 M.>ra 

N l wty A' >■',-* ir.) 
■ ■mi and rereprioe halt for rr< 
Special attesttow tn' prffaie reer 
isnt. Reel very reatnaaMe 5 
■jnitfir or call the aareetarv'i oBV 
hone. Palmar 4ZSSL. 



Or, Booker T. 

Clocks aad Plaques 

Eilcisi. it Eualtn CoBiiltti 
NlttOMl Nl|TD Buiatti Lll'IC. 

It it i Henotiat n tb* &Eilett 
Has ear rice aat Btat<os9a\ 
ft is a lalessat Time Piese. 
It u ■ Baialihtl Ormnsat 


. »I1 1 atsht U, C-eets, M. 

1LPIJE Jillft 

Bay TsBt asneaaa ant htees ires 


BnantSl Teat tana** Kta 
T»en. Make Tana a rraeaaaav 

Tas Maw i arl kststjitif tmt 


week fee Ibe Baiertsnata bhad at 
resy. a van . ts these fteaery weB 
riaes aaysae of ike seed week 

»ow *atb*eu>eti* taaaa aaa an at 


Thane nan arc n tilts tn wart : 
ass gaae to week ; tbetr smms 


■mail ara jeet aa aanl as asw 


Rosary of 
I Christian Graces 




{By S. O. BKtXBRa, Aitlng Director of 
- the Sunday School Coursa Id " 

!):!■)<■ t.ii " ,.[ ''M.-.1(1D 

rmwrrtiSriMt. ffiwil'n 

• Ihts, ilvinjt all Olll- 

ee, and w jour faith virtue; >ixl (t 

'""",; and <o Snflwl*li# u»tri 

..ollrni'*; anil 

aWharly Sledneas; asd in bsutnVrr ktne- 
■ uharrtr.- n rvtar i .* -7. 

W* hear much of "character build 

t»f." Indeed, the word* of the ten 

I have lH>K<><!'>n in 

] tome minds thf 

| tde*> of adding ea 

I rtoo* trace*, one 

I at * time, until' n 

beautiful strac- 

1 ture of character 

I hsa beOo nun 

1 pleted. Accont- 

| panying this Idea 

auallj the 

| thought that 

effort ot 

| will must be ci- 

J to art-niii- 

the «__d 

| sought. To say 


* whole conception 

■ to b« out of nannoay with the 

f«*I>et of salvation by trace, -yet our 
out appeara to fatbr It. 

it wtll dear up mat ten considerably 
to note the change of translation in 
the Revised Version which Instead of 
saying, -add to roar faith." reada, "In 
yarnr faith *upply virtue," etc la otu- 
«r words, faHh la the root I™ which 
ah these grace*. Blossom forth.' They 
are out entitle* to be' added bat flow- 
«r» 7>hii-h wUI^blovm If we care for the 
root .if faith. We ahall notice these 
(racea In order. 

First cornea "virtue." The root Idea 
ef thla ward In both Greek and Eng- 
Uah 1* uMutlrim, rigor/ Amines*, 
strength of will. The thought It i-m- 
botlietl In 'a hymn Mr, Sanhey used to 
alui with great effect. 

Dnre Mbit DuM! 

Dare to etaad atonal , 

I»r* la i.iv> * purpose true - 
Here to Btake It known! 

Such Amines* la the fruit of faith, 
who have tried ather cores for 
ring habits. }mi In rain, have 
found help here. 

'After Virtue cornea "knowledge." 
Bow appropriate thai thi* should fol- 
low virtue, for no man la more dan- 
gerous than ha who haa a strong will 
bat la Dot Instructed in the see of it. 
Ha la retated to the mule rather than 
to the Ideal man. Bat toe new spirit 
Which KBH4 through faith U Christ 

brine* right aa -to our dutle* and the 
word at Gud la (send a lanap to oar 
(act. (The' knowledge referred to hen 
la practical rather than ' speculative ; 


waf to get there la 

." oc aelf ^oBtnri, cornea 
neat. What a commentary on our na- 
tional alii that Uhe word suggests no- 

attnence from Jri uk ' But its meaning 
la much broader, for our Judgments, 
our taste*, our apeech muat be eon- 
truUcd, (IJere la found Una of the se- 
■erew of gnrauteaa-nr character; great 
■tea Impraaa ua bj their reserve, while 
little man pot all their goods in the 

-Patteno*" may be denned aa cheer- 
ful at hopeful endurance. _ It la far re- 
moved from the Molcal tries ; It la not 

lb* patient* of the Indian at the sttfc*. 

**«( ~j rv*i.*«#w»*-arfafl»g. ana 

suffers. It grow* out of faith but Is 
nourished by the hope of Christ's *p- 

"'peertug. for we read often of "the pa- 
tleace of haras." 

The next grace hi "godunaaa," the 

fuudauarutal Idea of the word being 

rat e rtwes toward God. There la a as- 

table' laeh of this rtrtu* today. Would 

- thht »e 

reada, "to** of the WusJaVea.''' TWa l» 
dtoUactUatr Chrtattaa, for Ihoaa *lw 
are near Vo Christ wUI love ana aa- 
ather. - Btaay youag Owtsitaaa have 
sussi haUjaal m asssaann l> Ihs Imsi 
"ff* knew ■• hajr* Bwaed front death 
ujBjM KJa hacauae w* htve the t.reihreii 
• "e*»rlly." or lov*. 

at « ttsaa, huc.arw aa arvw aaat aa^sla* 

18 -ae-efta at «f 


Church Directory 

Nnrthsrn Biptltt Cbureh, 40S 8. aid 
btreet — Sunday services, prayer meet' 

Ftk«fl T ' 

St. Jtmaa A. M. K. Chureh, St Fard- 
kaaad sad Paadtatoa Streets — Baaday, 
Dunday-sahool, »:S0 a. m. Presahing, 
sad 8 p. la. Young faoplee' 
Hocletias, & Ut 7:3(1. Class meeting. 
Tussday, 8 p. m. Rev. WUliam H. Peak, 



■TTP^* tf*Me«a,---'. : 

TKXT— John 4^-lt, H a* ■* 
OOLttBK TE XT-CTirlst JaSUe came la. 
lu the world to aave ilnoara.— I Tim. 1:1*. 

This Is a lesson Of on* of the way 
aide mlnlstrlea ot Jesus. It occurred 
inrhlentally while he was on bit way 
to hit tTent preaching and teurtilag ex- 
perience at Ualllee. It waa a' bj- product 
of Ma Very busy life, yet It is one of 
the. most famous Interviews and one. of 
the best- examples of how to do per> 
sonal work that is found in the scrip- 
ture*. The larger part of the flrat year 
of Christ's ministry was spent In Ju- 
dea. Jesus did not baptise, but his 
disciple* did, doubtless for, the ssme 
reason, though in a. less degree, thnn 
Why Paul [■■■tuned to baptise convert* 
(t Cor. lilli-Lii). All but eue of the 
disciple* of Jesus were Galileans and. 
Jetus apent about a year and nine 
months of his ministry In that place. 

I. Jesus Rested (w. 44). To reach 
Galilee from Judea Jetui "mutt need* 
go through Samaria." not that there 
were not oilier ways that he might 
have traveled, but rather that It was 
worth while to go out of hia way In 
order to bring the arater of life to thla 
needful woman. Jacob's well was at 
h tHUttng of the roadway near to the 
city of Bychar. Few place* In ta# land 
save Jerusalem had so much Bible his- 
tory connected with them tOen. 12 rt; 
Joshua S :33 ; Acta 7:10; I Kings. 12 it, 
etc.). The well was originally about 
1U> feet deep and T» s feet In diameter, 
but it Imi been filled tip with arcumu- 
latlona ot rubbish so It is now only 
about 75 feet deep. Christ waa wearied 
In his work, but not of It and "eat 
thus" <by) the weil; literally, on the 
lost wall built around it. The slith 
hour was probably about midday 
There Is comfort In cuuelderMlOfi ol 
the fact that aa a man Jeana waa will- 
lug to meet this woman at bad 

It. Jesus Hold* Conversation (vv. T- 
Mk, Notice the gentle way In which 
Jesus speaks, and that he began on the 
ground of their common need, lie 
asks thla needed favor that he might 
confer a greater one. Ignoring the pre- 
judice which axlatad against the Sa- 
maritan*. Water ajas the thlnr upper- 
moat in the H-oman's ntiitd. noe did not 
grant his simple request, and her reply 
indicated that racist differences were 
a very real barrier- They binder our 
work even yet. The' surprise, perhaps 
pleasure, that a Jew should ask a favor 
of her seems to hare greatly Impressed 
the woman, end sronsed her curiosity. 
In Tars* 10 Jaaus tells th* woman tbat 
there are two things she must needs 
know: (1) the wondrous gift of Ood, 
Oat la the Holy Spirit (Luke 11 : 13 1 
Acts 2:23-381 ; It) the wonderful man, 
who had ashed of her "CHe 
drink." Had ah* known these things 
aha wariili hsrn tshH htr- 1tff-»1" "*■ 
bhg water. All that waa needful was 
simply to gsjc The Holy Spirit ts the 
living arater (John 8:63). The woman 
diiea not seen to, have comprehended 
what Jesus waa trying to. tesch. yet h* 
wss patient, and won her as a eonve 
lie told her tbat everyone who eai 


fouutalna of wealth, fame, pleasure 
carnal gratification, or even learning 

He the* tells her of the living wale! 
tv. If)) of which the drinker 
never thirst that it wouM satisfy who- 
soever drink*, and was to be evertiwt 
log (John 7:37-99). The «ne who re- 
ceives the Holy Spirit within has s 
,1. eternal spring of life. Joj 
satlsfacttoQ aprlnglsg up wlihit 
tiivi. lU'tcire the atntnaa reeeteed th* 
arater of which be was speaking then 
had to rouse a evavteUbst of sin (vv 
18-m : hence his remark, fjl rail ihj 
has band." Thla araa a sharp thruai 
ante bee hr* s 
parry the thrust with a tcwbalral qu*» 
tfew, ywt aw eeases tack with a *Tes.i 
revelation of the nature of God and .thi 
worship which Ood accents, revealln* 
his UeaatahaMp (vt. 13-S»f. *• u mdl 
cated. ah* dose twe sees* to have cunt 

wbuh Jeatia bad aaade (v. MB; there 
fare br began thi* searching of her lif ■ 
in order to prepare her to n-tr>-iv* thi 
uhUst ad lif* wale* te waAtusVatJH 
atow. TUa knoarwdfe of her ea rn 
Ufa- sr a aa e fe et strajurer who ha 
never even seen her before was an eel 
dears to the "iimsa of spArlteaU **> 
-Sir I neeeelvs that thoe 

_;ard.aur-)l A, M. E, Cfcnrth. Ki-- 

Sundsy-seaool, 1 :30 p. m.\ Thnrsdav 
"asss sseatiBJL. B{W p, m. 3, W. Oar. 

w, jS£rr t -* r *--?*r- -- - 

>aah. Mo.— Sunday, Preaehlag U *.'».. 

Paters- A. U. E. Church. Elli- 
ot and Momgomery Sti., Sunday: 
Preaching, 11:00.1. m., and 8:00 p 
. Sundsy-ichoot. 2 p. m. 
Bev. a B. Pitcher, pastor. 

St- Marks A. M. K. lis. fftosah, 
Lsfisgwell sad Bernard St.— Service* 

"1:00 a. in. .Sunday nchool at 
pat. Class meeting, Friday ev suing at 
8:00. Rsvtrend F. W. Alsto*, it. psi' 
tor, will preach specisl sermons, morn- 
lag sad evening.'. 

!1 Bower, St. Preachins, a. n> 
aaal 1*0 p. m Sunday- school. 9.UI a 
Qats msctini, Thorsday. 

Re*. T. L Watson. Paiiu. 

Walls Ava.— Preaehlag Snadaya, II a. 

«., and 8 p. ». Sunday 8*hooi*i p. 
bl Prayer mseting, Thursdays, fl p 

m. lav. K. I,. CIsrka, pai'tor. 

Oraat's A. at E. Chureh, 6TM Bleek 
vvtj— Sunday preanbliie; at 11 s. m. ant' 
■ p. bl Snaday-eehool Is,*. 
Us* k wail, Sunt. B**. W. - 
est or. Raaid*nea 80M Pias 81 

' Waynuin A. M. K Church, 23rd • 
Xmr-k Street. — Preaching 11 a. m. i 

1 p, (u. Kndeavor flint) p. m. IN 
ii eo ting Tuesday, 8p .m. Prayer RH 
na Tbursdsy, 8 p, it. Kev. A. 
Kibblnt, pastor. 

First Baptist Chureh, 1310 Clark 
Aii>.--Cuii.lay pretehing, 11 a. si and 
8 p. m. Sunday -school, 9:30 a. m. 
Y. P. U. 8:30 p m Preaching, Wednes- 
day night by local preachers. Prayer 
meeting, Friday S p, m. Bev. Wi ~ 
Davia, pastor. t'M Lucky Bt. 

First Baptisl Charah of Kisloeh, 
M-i.-ftnadsy, praate^ 11 a. a. sti 

8 p bl aundsyHi.-^i-ol st ID a. m, 
BibU reading st «:30 p. m. Weakly 
■jestltfs- Tuesday tad Thursday at 8 
p. m. Common inn. second Baaday la 
each month. Rev. P. Hople. pastor; ~ 

L. Btowa, sUrk. _____ 

Leoaard Avaaws Baptist Church. 
«. Laoahrd , 
11:00 a. a. 
Beheol 1:00 p. m. B. f . P. 0. <rM a 
at Prayer HastUf Wedassday ahsfct. 
Bee. P. W. Dnaaraat, Faeter, 
tTta Walaat 

iog, 5:3ti a. in.; preaching, 11:10 a. m., 
and 9' P- '"■: Sunday-aekool, 1 p. m.; 
II. V. P. U., iJ-li) p. ,",,.■ Uiiiion Circle, 
7:30 p. in. each Mandsy; preaching, S 
p. BL each Wednesday; prayer -t"'-_j 
8 p. m. sssh Friday: BsV."J. A. BhUlds. 
pattor, residsnea, 408 B. Slrst 

TabamscU Bastlst church: nit Ptse 
«._-■ yrtacSfas smBixti a.-.BL.^iia_ « 

J*retlwr«oo« oBawtuss. ma.,, a p. av. 
Prayer M^nins n..» a. A Hoasier. 

Second Baptist Churah, Kinlueh 
Park — Praaehing, Sundays, 11 lib. 
and 8 p. m.; Sunday-school, I p, s; 
Weakly meetings, Wsdneaday aad Pri- 
days, 8 p. m. Rev. Timothy Foal, 813 
B. Garriaoa Ava., St. Louis, Pastor. 

-afouni Olive Baptist Church, l.«2S 
N. 11th Street— Preaching every Sun. 

day, 11 *. m., J _.. in. aad I p. nj 

Sun day -school, 1 p. in. ; & V. P. U., 8:30 

p. i",; Uiaaion Circle, fourth 8unda_ 
in esch month. Me.. O. W. lforria, 

Astioch Baptist Chureh, Sunk Mar 
hat and Goods Ave. Praashtag, Bna- 
day> at 11 a. m. and I p. a. Buaday 
Sthoel at 1 p ra. H. T. P. TJ. at 8:30 
p. m. Prayer meeting, Wednesday ai 
I p. m. Communion Services, Second 
Baaday in each month. Re*. Was. 1. 
Parry. If. U. Pastor. 

Third Corinthian' Bsptist .Church, 
IStli -si.ii Hiddle streets. — Bnnday, 
prayer meetiag, S p. m. Presebiag, 11 
a. ni , 3 p.' m, and 8:30 p. m. fluaday 
aahouL I p. m. Prayer meeting, Tues 
day night. Preaching, Thursday sight 
Fourth Sunday in each month Covsa 
ant and Coatmuaion. Rev. J. W. Hall 
nustor; M C. Crosby, clerk; Pet* 
Brown, tretaorar 

Pruvidsaee Baptist Chureh. *_anau 
ry and Feadletoa Avsaasa. — ataadsy, 
preaching 1 1 a. «, and 8 p. m. Bun- 
dsy school. I }>. m. B. T. P. 0. J p. 
m. Prayer meeting, Friday i p. m. 
Oovesaat aad Lord's Supper, fourth 
Sunday 3 p. m Mission Circle Prayer 
Meeting third Friday, 8:30 p. a B>v 
E. Calvin Cole, paator. 31S1 Fair Avo. 

Mouoi Ztoa Bapfiat Church, 2624 
Papin St. Sunday: Preaching, 1 1 00 

a. m and 8 00 p. m. Sonday-scbool 
'. .30 P m. Prayer meeting, Friday, 

UaH,.BV.... ... ..... 

Dr. 1, Douglass Kerben, Pastor. 

Latham Chares, 1T81 Mil I Baa BL- 

ladsy pease Ha g • p. as. asmday 

school I p. m. OatMhataaaj Una 

Moa. Thorsday, law. Ds.y Bahsel 
svery day, I a. ■. - -3 p. bl Rev. 

•^ hm , u MW f ^ n ^ s_ y __»_ cv ^a> ,-e 

:9. A 

. Of 

Kpwofth League, 7 p. m. Clsss s 
iag sad Bible class. Wedaeiadsy, 
m. Rev. W. W. doff, paator. 

Huadsy ■rhool at 10 s. m. Preach 
«g li i. a isa I f. n. Bahla Band 
vt 5:30. Prayer ssrvieea Tkursday 
slshts. .„■*». t Faster, Fastae. 

TheesaloBiaa Mtaslsaary Bsaeast 

Corinthian Baptist Church, 4iS 
Antelope, Bunday Preaching, 11:00 a 
a>. and 8.00 p b>. Babheth school 
WOO a. a.; B. Y. P. [J, 8 p a Wod, 
Mtday: PrtHhlag B:(H p. n, Friday: 
Peajer Ueatlag, * p. bl. Missies sere- 
U», third Friday, 8 pm. Business 
masting Friday, oafor* its fonrtn 
Lord's day in sack bbmu. Is?. Wbl 

ML OUvs Bapthrt Charah N. a, lean 
Marfan St. Sunday, prayer ■ lirllg, 
■ s- •- ; preaching, 11 a. bl, 3 k SL asd 
t.-M p. BL Ban dsy -achool, 1:M a. bl 

PrtTss ataatlag and Mlssioa Obala, 
raaeany tight. Praynr aad Braise. 

■aatiag, Friclay sight. Third Bandaj 
fas seek woath Cevsnsat MSllltg 
■warth Baaday eeomualan. Mtw. A. 
Dhrhsa*. psBtot, Thesaaa Millar, eaarh. 

spiaiTO ajj st HMBI 
SnUltotl Christian Onion Church 

ZTS7 Lawton Avenue. Sunday* S ] 
Fridays, -8 p. sh J. S, Westherford. 
rector: Mr*. M. Owens, tssittant and 


HT1T. '.'gl I at JSfBBtl; JH\ 

Spiritualist Chureb h>s 
sseved fjasi tSMa Wash Bt., to 917 V 
t'oaard Avenue. Hervtees every 
Tusaday aad Friday at" 8:00 p. ■> 
Caleb RodianMBt ear. get off at 3V." 
Fraaklis Ave., wait aoreh. ta 117 v 
Lasweed Ava., Mr. and Mr*. Creak. haw 

li_BB_ - 

prayer a w a t iag a a. 

a. bi. and > p m.; i*twday- 

-.. B V P, I.:. *:M: Wsdaesday, 

aranchiag <*^ m.i.Fttdaj_.Bjr__jejr. mrV 
isg ■ p. m., hU*sh*aary Soeiety, fr*t 
aad third Tuesday la each s s e w Sh at 8 

b bl Be*. David Tyler pastor 

lion of Soul* Spirits*! Chnrrfa 
Beaumnnt Street. Sunda. 
•\ir» IB s. m„ rhnrrb ssrvleei 
11 a, es. sad 8 p. 
Meeting >t i a 
Thursday, ilesne* st S p. m. Tseadsr 
asd Friday Mr.. Talis Johaaas, or* 
*te; See. inmes TV Miner, paster; 
Heary nreen, president; Miss .A, T. 
Vs*rahra_ sstretary. 

— z. — au 

' The Chereh of (»*e aeo *wa*st -i 
Chrsst, Ota 'Fairfax Ave.— nwrrtsan 
ahstiirr at 7j». W*dse-d*r at T:M 

•FrUav at ?;30 Hatartlav (•il.nirt'i i ; 
II a. as. and rest of the dav FMer .1 

j_ ANC you •ATtSFIED 


*W issur «BBB«w«raBa nnff M* care o/_b_bl 
0*aOOM rung ajog. ce>Os>M cRCWC ClCAVa' 
t Ptnac. oaawfY. T»vf t entaaa that mss arooo 
Teal test sow nasi*. 

"Mak** <Ae7 faWn Hht vtW" 

saao t*« ana ut*** —<* 

JAMIh C. CHAISE. M»« FULTCM ayr.. Itgw Yoaw 

"Oyx" % Hosiery j 

' *uea •« WhM wanhw M^tJrT fnta* aah> lAda as C*b> 

— —8J hr FsananHrs Atv, Astscr. tin 4rtBts Ave. 



Try The Argus 


When coming to St. Louis you ahouloT have first-hand infor|r«tu>n. 
For employment call at the office cf the CenbraJ Association Burea-u 
of ln/ormatio/i. 2728 Morgan. Phone, Bomont 3049. 

i , ' AT- PlXOBU. Jlanaasstst ,..,,..■ . — - 

Harry M. Boeckmann 

2715 Franklin Ave. 

<»>*»**« " - -(- *'-Jb- "aV>irt.rTV 'v— .v?.i • <1MA -■■' •■ 
(jjo.t Houne* Flats and Rik.rii to Rent to Colored Peoph>- Tsii o 

I'fn '.•■ lin. id >. rv;. - 

WOLF BROTHERS Hair Straightening Omfit 

a InsureYourleeth 

a> Better than the 
t£j dentifrice you 
HI are tjsin-l now 


Pprt.'Xtflp Trinlr ^ <- ' 

3 r ^j 4 a^s.*siJteCjBBrigH*^BBB*sB, , BsASs^rr 






Saturday. Fab. to, ■■*■-• 

:i ptfrts, ■ -' 

lay Pvb. 11. 


fat fa; 



< : rniitl. . r."li-.' ][-i«u'rT.' 

rnnij. - 
"Ctubswb SialD Mystery" and "I 
arts of mien ' ' 



- - ' INUTON. 

B;« Cuaijwuy wiyi ow« .fKeactjr, 
and Orchestra, PrcMiitinf -" 
"syne- •nf WajsOf; VRK^-tt^- 

Eieb 3oo»— Will Hay "Ittu-'dmn 
On Ills Honeymoon." a IfOatcal com- 
edy, 'NM'WHk. 

the Hooker l 

ma* okkfta 

and V4 hoi «a 

nglnn • Theater this 
I that Henry Drake 
Ave at hilt nehirved 


.-f "Buni Hi 
isirei i 

r llirls. 



" ' TnnatUy. r abntary 13 

KaiT MUM MlBMr in 

**■ "IeOV£L,Y MABT" 

Every Monday 
Th* Latent Photoplay ■agiai 

Erery Wadaaaday 


Featuring Mim Helen Holm** 


The Pendleton 


Program for Weak. 
lay, P3," in "Th* Hunted 

' and The Yellow Mmki.' 

'Tnou Art (to Man." ,„ 
and levy good, with ntben. 

■"The bar hUafc." 1 and 
1 af Uta Arany." 

Wm. Foe 
part" and eifr* strong. 
"The Karamx. " very 
I -with **A-a*W*Wa' t» lit,' anil 
> Crimean stain " 
,ir*.l*y — ' The Island of Surprise. ' ' 


•*«• tswaakaa Chun-hilt'* "Creaia" e»" 
Y. *?, C A. February 13. Played act 
"W»"i>« week* at th* New' Oram) 
feotral. Berne* Uii) in Bt. Loaia. OI 
■ participate. 

1 Ti 
in a hotel paiurd "Ordi 

pninpnBj'n own >periaJ scenery ii 
uned. la the mat ere, Ethel Walker, 
Louis* Hughi - Mini red Crltclxiiir. Ma- 
rie BtkUo, Olive, DaUy Harris, 
Hnllw ■ . » Kb, Wm. Hailoy, Kiwrll 

t'lifiua Drake. _IL llmku, K. ft IVg- 
ley, f"aa*, Croat*. Alex QttacM ami 
■lAniie" Home of thaag dnubiV 
in lira** hd.1 MrBUJ (Httfisi a liend 

full af 

The; Retina Moving Picture Show 

20th and Market 5t. 

Open Daily From 1 toll p. m. 

Every Day a S Part Feature With the Most Famous 

Players in Connection 
> With The Most Wonderful Serials of Today 

The Arch Criminals of Paris 

Th* Masked Meu of Miitcry, fkhl to 

Maintain Thair lltMUvy aa the 


Yuii ran w»lcb thena-arrh- rrimmaiJ i>f 
Parif otiee a we*k for nine conaecutive 
Don't Fall to 



AaraM. obao trancb spirit 

« . Reading Pee Low 

Tk Veiled Propbet * \ 

mmm with a ooublb^biu ~ m\ — -a#> 

w -* ^ •«— ■ ouc 

uantaM irralaa ■*•* '^a'^a* 


A new wonder aerial in l6Caapten> 
The Siaxa-Orae. Darnwod. Ralph 
KeUanj and Leon Barry. ' 

Pictorial Weeklies-.-Monda.ya, Wed- 
neadaya and Fridays, portray™ the 
worid ""f 011 *" 1 OTentl "™ u «' th« 

tsliji mad Children rzIp^U>'lnTtted 

Ethel Walker 

«.« Walker bj t-ur leading Bk9> and 

h.iri.t.-:.:.i. and .brilliant HatV Her 

■tellar talent »li.--. in aei-rral uumtier> 

hkh inrlud.-, "The If., kr ];„.:,. 

te." Overarri-ft'g lalnt hit and 

Ptett* Baby." both w j ( h the Bum 

it rhmva. Mhe aboai Niiiih in the 

>«ral eoiunlv niixiim, eepeeially the 

Drugged'' and .the "Devil" »eene>. 

Heary Drake, the leading t— nrTlll, 

6«J ha« idealy of m.mey t.i huv the' 

Hel, geta tat* a aerie* of ^oa|.l.le» 

id eenplfe-atian*. that. »ff.. r .! bin, ,„ 

eteellent efiaace to ehuw hi* latent >n H 

he take* good advance olmery point. 

Amoatt »■* "'her feature* »r**a male 

ouartette whirb ai<n,»t stop* the *h(,*-. 

«»>•; by Drake :,r„j )be. rifl*. an ee 

"trie dance by Hailey, the rorairal 

iit, "A Drunken Mu'i Dream." la 

>e jrran£ finale. "I.i.trn toThaj Btiie 

und.' - a -■:■>■,■„ tikeaea*'of the late 

aafeai T Waabtajtton i. •hows. 

The Dnk. Walker Cnapany will pre- 

-nl a miuy-.l eomedy. "Joha (Jreen 
>n HU Uiraeymoon. " n* it week. Th* 
'lav tMTir* a plot and i# in im> aet* 
> It k three .wow. HW Walker and 
as Maai Bay liirl.will foat- ttw -'sMep. 
','** ^* .*,** r "PW'» Tail," "Diemr 

' li'-r^u \l.BJa. 

Drake haa been Unable to np- 
nee Uoaday night on account 
~ha little fellow create.) a 
aenaatiun with hi* daneins oa the op. u 

iog hi,-ht. 

■ ere very .'(ithuniwuti. 1 over the aacw- 
in); af (be firet (-[.i.inl,- of "Patria," 
the aariaj auprrme, last Monday. The 
»e*on«l epiaode will be ahowa ,aru 
Monday and. the ay a ou a t f indieetw thai 
even more IhrlllK. wll 
other feature picture 
tie Henry Walthall in "The Roda n 
Wreath.' "a niantrr nrtor in a maat. i 
pieee. The rnmantir serial of love an 
nnNenturp by a muming Crown>Jrin- 
in tbe.fireal Amrricao Wcat and th 
lonely African Jun B le. eatitled "Th 
Mwret Kingdom," will begin at Hti 
phutoplay t -■■ w. ■,(■,.■.,!. J-.-. Feb. 14. 


ws-jtmns orrT bout. 

H*rry WHU, af New Orlean., fra- 
lured hi* waist in the .«■.■..«.! round .f 

hi* f jr- I„i»i wrtiri :Imii Johaam, at 

the Future Otf Atkletir Club Tue»- 
ilLjy nj 8 ht, and */a* enoipelled tu. fnrfeU 
the ronteat. The fain fellow*. bad not 
gotten iato good aetion when the aeei- 
dent orrntred: Battling Oaaee, of St. 
I^mia, and .One Boond rVriveater, of 
Memphis, went in to ttbalitste bat flyl- 
venter was knoeked out In the third. 

Yrtu.Bg Joe Clanii nad hi. nparriag 
p«'«ner, Battle hnakt Kid, save an ia- 
tere*tlng ID round exhibition, a 

"-''T«a'*T*ar'l t ]itr-i«eay-'^nnw'''irr 

AiaUma Kitehen.- 10.18' Whitlier «t„- 
opened to an hntnenM- palroaase Una- 
day night. February 5. From early ia 
the eeeaiag natil well into the neat 
morning th* place wsj crowded to tU 
doom. The Urge gathenag rle.rly 
*h«w» the aeed of a am ektaa raooa* 

Man a big hii during a previou* en- 
f»»FW«nt here. N^rty * -wore of n.u 
■teal aaaaher. are UKlaaWd ta the pro- 

la the BMaaliuw the popular little 
pa" will strive to give the b**l paa- 
whte aefviee with quality and attention 
a» the watohward. Every Monday will 
lie eauveair arght for the ladies. Ever* 
night will be a big one with good rab- 

rVB Ct'FF: Attending the' faaml 
at Vn. Joaa Hakhth at All Maiatu 
rturrh Moaday. Pebruaay S. Betaraj 

ive reward. 

» ret en (attaining. The menu include* 

such popular diahe* aa aikasjbatti, ehile, 

ojttcn in any style and eluhhoose 

saadairhe*. AH kindi of 

and the beat 25 eent meal in the 

in in MaVSi Abu iee ereani, Bevo and 

olher soft drinks. ■ 

ONE OF f-~ 

You, jonr atatar, or probably yoar 
mother are ailing and have suffered 
the untold torture? of agony and have 
triad every known remedT with no re- 

Too probably are suffering front 
baeknche, bearing down waaat 
neTvowneaa, tired feeling, inability to 
stand or walk for any length of time. 

other ailmeata, such 

i whiten j, gonorrhea. Itching, uleera 

lions, catarrhal, seminal and maeoo* 

dlachargca. These aUaseau often ap- 
pear S« s diachaFga and i. uaualty 
one af the Snt signs of a diaeaaed 
eondUion of the vagina. Baaaotiaoi* it 
ia v«ry irrilstiag and prodace* •ora- 
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Do not dope your system with in- 
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